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Thomas Gottschalk explains to Markus Lanz why he left his wife after decades of marriage

Thomas Gottschalk was a guest of talk show host Markus Lanz. He talked about his new relationship, the beginnings of his career and the relationship with his fans.

Article from September 5, 2019: Hamburg – Showmaster Thomas Gottschalk was a guest on the talk show by Markus Lanz on Tuesday evening. The 71-year-old spoke, among other things, about the separation from his wife Thea. The couple was married for 47 years. In March of this year, the couple declared their separation. This news came as a surprise to many.

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Gottschalk tries to explain his separation

“I have made a decision that many do not understand. I say: I don’t care, the main thing is that it is understandable for me, ”said Gottschalk. He also explained: “When you notice that the distance you still have to walk is getting shorter, you become a little more daring. In the end, I have now indulged myself in the boldness that I have not indulged myself in in my life. “

Gottschalk emphasized that up to this point he had led a happy, almost harmless life. Now he could use a little excitement.

Gottschalk at Markus Lanz (ZDF): “There was nothing that could unsettle me and the listeners”

How relaxed his life was, at least at the beginning of his career as a radio presenter, he had already shown in the first part of the talk. When he joined Bayerischer Rundfunk in the early 1970s, the competition was manageable. “It was more straightforward. There weren’t any 20 private broadcasters. There was nothing that could unsettle me and the listeners. ”He speaks of the fact that the worldview at that time was plain and simple.

Thomas Gottschalks neue Partnerin saß im Studiopublikum.


Thomas Gottschalk’s new partner was in the studio audience.

The complex situation today has meant that he has become more cautious with public statements. If he used to talk about his head and collar, the reaction of the audience was: “That’s the Gottschalk. You can’t take that seriously anyway. “

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Gottschalk speaks about the relationship with the audience

Gottschalk, who presented his new book Herbstbund on the show, also went into what it means for him to be in public. “I always wanted to avoid raising any contradictions, because otherwise people would switch off.”

“I wanted to be loved. If I wanted to be loved, all I had to do was take to the streets. It was a very comfortable situation, ”he continued. Finally he came to the conclusion: “You don’t look for it, but you need it more than you think,” he said of the love of the public. It was indirectly about love towards the end of the conversation, when Thomas Gottschalk, who now revealed a lot about his pension, spoke about Helene Fischer. He found mean words for Helene’s friend Thomas Seitel and started a big hit.

Video: Thomas Gottschalk’s new girlfriend: he met her through a trick

Markus Lanz (ZDF): These guests were on the show

In addition to Thomas Gottschalk, who appeared again in the broadcast of his Wetten-Dass …? Successor, Ralph Brinkhaus, chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Spiegel editor Christiane Hoffmann and the writer Ines Geipel were guests at Lanz. Geipel complained about the election results in Brandenburg and Saxony. Gesine Schwan recently spoke to Markus Lanz about her candidacy for the SPD party chairmanship. Gottschalk has a sad announcement to make for his birthday show.

A day later, Alexander Gauland spoke to Markus Lanz about the election results in Saxony and Brandenburg. It was also about the rhetoric of the AfD.

In another Markus Lanz program, comedian Atze Schröder made an emotional appearance.

Thomas Gottschalk has revealed a secret pact with Günther Jauch.

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