NewsThunderstorm night leaves heavy marks in Germany: Tornado causes...

Thunderstorm night leaves heavy marks in Germany: Tornado causes damage in the millions

Created: 08/06/2022 1:01 p.m

After the heat week, thunderstorms are imminent in many places in Germany. A tornado caused severe damage in Upper Swabia. The weather ticker.

  • Weather in Germany: There are thunderstorms nationwide, some with heavy rain, hail and squalls.
  • Tornado in Upper Swabia : warehouse completely destroyed and partly in danger of collapsing.
  • Summer weather is coming back: Hoch Oscar will bring the heat back to Germany next week.
  • This news ticker about the weather in Germany is updated regularly.

Update from August 6, 8:53 a.m .: The strong storms in southern Germany have left their first mark. A tornado occurred in the small town of Bad Wurzach in Baden-Württemberg (Ravensburg district). The storm caused damage in the seven-figure range, according to the Ravensburg police headquarters.

Weather in Germany: Tornado causes damage in the millions

Severe damage was caused to a warehouse in the Eintürnen district. The tornado tore the roof from its anchorage and threw it into a corn field 300 meters away. The hall is completely destroyed and, according to a structural engineer, is even partially in danger of collapsing. In a neighboring village, the roof of a warehouse was also torn off. Two cars were also damaged by falling trees.

Spuren des Tornados: Eine Lagerhalle in Ravensburg ist völlig zerstört.
Traces of the tornado: A warehouse in Ravensburg is completely destroyed. © David Pichler / dpa

Update from August 5, 1:26 p.m .: The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of an “increased risk of severe weather” in southern Germany. From the late afternoon there should be strong thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail and gusts of wind in large parts of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. In many places, these are expected to last throughout the evening and into the night.

Weather in Germany: There are thunderstorms nationwide, some with heavy rain, hail and squalls

First report from August 5: Munich – In the past few days, the great heat with temperatures well above 30 degrees had Germany firmly under control. The weather also got off to a warm start on Friday (5 August) in the south and east – but an approaching cold front will cool things down a bit. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), this displaces “the hot North African air”.

The change in the weather was already noticeable on Friday morning near the coast and from Lower Saxony, through the west of the republic to Saarland. The first rain showers came down there.

In its weather forecast, the DWD also stated that there could be some strong thunderstorms, especially in the west and north-east of Germany until the afternoon. Heavy rain, squalls and hail can also occur there.

Ein Radfahrer fährt auf dem Elbdeich vor einer dunklen Wolkenkulisse.
Thunderstorms are moving across Germany at the weekend (symbol image). © Jens Büttner/dpa

According to DWD information, the thunderstorms in western and north-eastern regions subside in the course of the morning. The east of the republic must also expect thunderstorms in the midday hours. On Friday afternoon, the south will be hit by sometimes heavy thunderstorms and rain showers including heavy rain, hail and sometimes heavy gusts of wind. The thunderstorms in the regions mentioned will last a little longer on Saturday night. Gradually, however, the storm retreats towards the south-east.

Summer weather is coming back: Hoch Oscar will bring the heat back to Germany next week

Overall, the slowdown is short-lived, especially in the west. It gets very warm there during the course of the day. “At noon, the sun can increasingly assert itself from the west. In general, it will be very hot again today in the southwest and south with maximum values of 30 to 37 degrees,” said qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung to . And it will be hotter again by Saturday at the latest, according to the weather expert.

“Saturday the high Oscar will prevail with plenty of sunshine. Midsummer is entering the next round,” said Jung. The much-needed precipitation for the dry soil will then not be available for the time being. “There is no rain for at least another week. If you don’t get anything by tonight, you’ll have to wait at least a week,” announced the meteorologist.

This also increases the risk of forest fires in the Federal Republic, said Jung. He expects high summer temperatures in Germany again in the coming week. According to Jung’s forecasts, the maximum values will be between 32 and 36 degrees. An end to the heat wave is not yet in sight. (kh)

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