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TikTok user shares a trick to pay only half on Amazon Prime

Created: 07/29/2022, 5:25 p.m

Amazon Prime wird teurer, doch mit diesem Trick sparen Sie richtig viel Geld.
What is behind the secret Amazon Prime Hack, with which several users can share benefits? © Jakub Porzycki/imago

Amazon Prime is increasing its prices for Prime memberships. That doesn’t exactly cause enthusiasm – a user on TikTok shares a trick to save anyway.

Every month, people who like to order free of charge from Amazon or who prefer to hold their package in their hands after just one day will have to dig deeper into their pockets in the future. The annual contribution that Prime members pay for their various benefits increases by a whole 20 euros. In addition to the shipping advantages, this also includes Prime Video. A TikTok user reacts to the price increase with a clever trick on how Amazon Prime customers can save at least a little money in the future reports on the trick of the TikTok user, which only pays half for Amazon Prime.

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