NewsTil Schweiger's daughter Emma Schweiger shows up with her...

Til Schweiger's daughter Emma Schweiger shows up with her boyfriend

Emma Schweiger shares her happiness with the whole world. The daughter of actor Til Schweiger is in love. On Instagram she showed her friend’s face for the first time.

Emma Schweiger (19) started her film career when she was just three years old and was then seen in a number of films by her father Til Schweiger (58). The early start of her career was quickly followed by her exit – the 19-year-old withdrew from the public eye and led a life away from the hustle and bustle of the show. But now the surprise: Emma Schweiger introduced her boyfriend to the public on Instagram, as reported by

Emma Schweiger appeared at a young age in several of her father Til Schweiger’s films

“Barefoot”, “Keinohrhasen”, “Zweiohrküken”, “Männerherzen”, “Kokowääh” and “Honig im Kopf” – Til Schweiger’s youngest daughter has appeared in a number of his films and took the hearts of the audience by storm with her sugar-sweet nature .

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But Emma Schweiger turned her back on the public a few years ago and concentrated entirely on school. The 19-year-old lives in California with her mother – but on Instagram she continues to give her fans insights into her life away from the camera.

Emma Schweiger shows her new boyfriend

She recently caused a big surprise – in her Instagram story she published a video with her new friend. Because the pretty blonde is extremely in love. They pose together in front of the mirror, then cuddle and even kiss in front of the camera.

An unusually private insight that enchants her 300,000 followers on Instagram. A few months earlier, she shared snapshots – but her face had never been seen before. Now she shares her happiness with the whole world. However, she has not yet revealed to the 19-year-old who the new man is by her side.

Michael Mittermeier praises Tatort by Til Schweiger

Michael Mittermeier recently chatted openly about Til Schweiger’s crime scene – because the comedian seemed to like the episode with the 58-year-old very much.

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