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'Time Out' chooses the 20 best cities in the world to live in 2021, and two are Spanish

‘Time Out’ is one of the most prestigious magazines globally. Every year he draws up lists of tourist destinations for all kinds of tastes, preferences and needs. Now it has published the ranking of the 20 best cities in the world to live in 2021 , and the most surprising thing is that there are two Spanish.

To carry out the classification, the magazine has analyzed the opinions of its correspondents around the world , and has also conducted interviews with 27,000 people. What factors have been taken into account? The sense of community, the cultural offer, the nightlife, the leisure or the most outstanding restaurants.

The first three positions in the ranking go to …

Based on these ranking criteria, San Francisco is ranked first . Its residents especially value its sense of community and its vaccination rate, one of the highest in the United States.

With a population of 4,203,898 inhabitants counting the metropolitan area, it has a very high population density: 6,800 inhabitants per square kilometer .

Nearby San Francisco is Silicon Valey , the world’s leading cyber and technology research center. The city is also a very important financial center.

Currently, it is the second city in the United States with the best quality of life , surpassed only by Honolulu.

Amsterdam and Manchester

The second place in the ranking of the best cities in the world to live in 2021 is for Amsterdam , the capital of the Netherlands. A green city of 1.5 million inhabitants counting the metropolitan area. Contamination is very low and highlights the sense of community, environmental quality, personal safety and civic commitment.

Third comes Manchester , with a great “spirit of resilience.” With a marked industrial past, it has a population of 5.5 million inhabitants, counting the metropolitan area. It is a very important financial, artistic and higher education center.

Ranking: the 20 best cities in the world to live in 2021

  1. San Francisco (United States).
  2. Amsterdam (the Netherlands).
  3. Manchester, United Kingdom).
  4. Copenhagen (Denmark).
  5. New York, USA).
  6. Montreal (Canada):
  7. Prague (Czech Republic).
  8. Tel Aviv (Israel).
  9. Porto (Portugal).
  10. Tokyo Japan).
  11. Los Angeles United States).
  12. Chicago (United States).
  13. London, United Kingdom).
  14. Barcelona, Spain).
  15. Melbourne (Australia).
  16. Sydney (Australia).
  17. Shanghai (China).
  18. Madrid Spain).
  19. Mexico DF (Mexico).
  20. Hong Kong (China).

The only two Spanish cities that appear are Barcelona and Madrid , in positions 14 and 18, respectively.

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