FunTips and tricks to make your videos on TikTok...

Tips and tricks to make your videos on TikTok viral

Since the pandemic began, our leisure habits have changed considerably. Social networks have occupied a much larger gap than they previously had, and some like TikTok have benefited the most from the few social relationships we have had in recent months.

The fashion application has seen how 14 million people around the world already use their tools and now young people no longer want to be footballers, not even instagramers, fashion is now to be ‘tiktokers’.

But how do you get users to be attracted to our content? There is no secret, rather it is the result of work and dedicates many hours a day to displaying content on the social network, which is not much different from the rest of the most popular networks.

How do I go viral on TikTok?

TikTok is characterized by being a social network where humor and artistic qualities, as in dance disciplines, are the most valued. We must ensure that, through our content, users notice us.

And, as in any social network, content comes first. Create a lot, and if it is of quality, the better, more users will be hooked on our videos , and therefore, more followers we will get.

Regular content

One of the keys to being a reference on social networks is that we upload content regularly. There is no use uploading five videos today, tomorrow one and then spending three or four days without uploading content.

The ideal is to be constant, without pauses, and maintaining a regular rhythm of weekly increases. Experts talk about uploading about three videos a day on a regular basis.

How do you notice my profile?

We have to be clear, before uploading any type of content, is to know what audience our content is aimed at. It can be humor for the elderly, dance videos, or some quality that we have that makes us unique.


A social network feeds on user participation. It is useless to make our own content, but not to participate with other users in theirs. Create a community and there will come a time when users are looking for your content.

Originality above all

It is very important to find our market niche. What makes us special? or what topic we like and about which we know something that we can talk about.

In addition, if you disclose these contents in an original way, you will have a long way to go to become a new TikTok star.

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