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Tips from Disney, Youtube and Sonoro to be entertained

We are in a time where platforms compete for the attention of users. It is no longer just necessary to broadcast football matches or have an exclusive series; video competition with platforms as varied as TikTok, YouTube or even Spotify lyrics steal minutes of attention from users.

COVID-19 generated several changes in the industry, such as an explosion in podcasts. In 2020 alone, 22 million people in Mexico listened to a podcast on a monthly basis and this number increased to 28 million people in 2021.

In addition, according to PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2021–2025, in 2022 it is estimated that this type of content will reach 34 million people. But the podcast is not the only one. We also have theatrical releases that hit the ‘small’ screen in less than 40 days.

At the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022, Juan Pablo Robert Sañudo, Strategic Partnership Manager, YouTube Broadcasters & Sports, David Chávez, Marketing VP of The Walt Disney Company Mexico and Camila Victoriano, Co-founder and Head of Partnerships of Sonoro spoke about how entertainment is serious business.

How is entertaining content made in Mexico?

The three panelists agreed that the difficult thing is not the subscription to their platforms, but the diversification of the content; the importance of local content creation and inclusion.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion. This is not a strategy, it is a value,” Chavez shared. According to him, representativeness not only has to be in the content they create, but it is something that has to be lived inside the company every day, something that was recently seen, for example, in the premiere of the commercial for “The little Mermaid”.

On the other hand, Juan Pablo mentioned that although YouTube is not focused on content creation, it does have the vision of giving people a voice and showing the world. “It is giving people a voice (…) it is in the quality of the content. The world is experiencing a golden age. It can be a challenge for the platforms, but a great opportunity for the user”.

And it is that, at present, a great production is no longer necessary to be able to create quality content. The important thing is the voice. Such is the case, for example, of the channel “From my Ranch to your kitchen”, where Doña Ángela, an elderly Mexican woman, surpassed a prestigious chef in number of subscribers.

Camila emphasized the relevance of local talent for content creation. “Working with local creators is very important to us. That makes our content authentic.”

He emphasized that this is a great opportunity for companies, since a podcast allows a more direct conversation and branding with a type of energy or sensitivity that “you want consumers to have in your brand.” For example, talking about brand values or how to convey your message in a non-fiction show are tools that companies can exploit more.

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