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Tired of running out of ink at a key moment? This is the solution

You’re printing some important documents before you go to sleep and all of a sudden the printer runs out of ink… has this ever happened to you? Whether you use your printer frequently or only need it once in a while, running out of ink at a key moment is common.

So that this does not happen to you again, and in the process you save money, EPSON has launched ReadyPrint, an ink subscription service that allows you to save between 70 and 90% of costs depending on the plan you choose. From € 1.99 per month, you can choose your best option depending on how you use the printer. You will never run out of ink again, because it will be delivered directly to your home before it runs out: ReadyPrint delivers the ink you need very quickly to your home, almost as fast as Usain Bolt!

How does ReadyPrint work?

Getting started with ReadyPrint is as simple as:

  • Enter
  • Choose the plan that suits your needs, according to type and volume of printing
  • Complete the subscription to the chosen plan at
  • Start receiving ink at your home address before you run out of it


In addition, if you subscribe to any ReadyPrint plan before December 31, you will have three free months of subscription, you just have to use the code MuyInteresante3


Choose the plan that best suits your needs

If you already own a cartridge, we recommend the ReadyPrint Flex plan: you activate an ink subscription plan based on monthly print volume. As you can see, the prices are very cheap , and it is also possible to transfer unused pages in the following 2 months:


  • 30 pages per month = € 1.99
  • 50 pages per month = € 2.99
  • 100 pages per month = € 4.99
  • 300 pages per month = € 11.99
  • 500 pages per month = € 18.99

And, of course, you can change your subscription plan if you need to readjust monthly impressions.


What if I don’t have a printer but will need it temporarily?

With the ReadyPrint EcoTank plan, the user hires printer and inks in each plan of this level. The printer is on loan for the entire duration of the plan and requires an activation fee prior to receiving it. At the end of the contract, it must be returned to the printer. A volume of monthly pages is contracted and only black and white can be contracted; or black and white + color.

  • 300 pages per month = € 6.99 (monochrome) and € 7.99 (mono + color)
  • 500 pages per month = € 8.99 (monochrome) and € 9.99 (mono + color)
  • Unlimited = € 10.99 (monochrome) and € 14.99 (mono + color)

The activation fee to receive the EcoTank printer is a one-time fee starting at € 79.99 (depending on the printer model chosen).

As you can see, ReadyPrint provides you with a service adapted to your needs in which you will gain comfort and savings: a winning and infallible choice, just like Usain Bolt!

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