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“To give away box” is not allowed – there is a risk of a fine of 5,000 euros

Created: 08/09/2022 10:33 am

Actually meant to be nice, but this type of disposal can be expensive: the “For free box” is on many houses. But that is not allowed.

Dortmund – They are often only well-intentioned. Who is not happy about this and that when it is presented free of charge on a silver platter? We are talking about so-called “giving away boxes”, which can be found again and again in front of various residential buildings, especially in larger cities. But beware! Good-natured people risk a hefty fine if they put the boxes out, as RUHR24 reports.

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“For free boxes” are forbidden in public spaces and are considered uncontrolled waste disposal

Actually, it would be a win-win situation: one person gets rid of unnecessary clutter without it having to end up in the garbage, another person is happy about the free curbside treasures and continues to find use for them. So nothing has to be thrown away unnecessarily and nothing has to be bought new. However, this type of gift-giving is not allowed on the side of the road.

Because books, crockery, the old radio alarm clock or tea light holder do not belong on the street – not even in a box with the inscription “For free”. The association of municipal companies explained to Deutschlandfunk Nova that municipal regulatory offices can view the boxes as wild garbage dumps as soon as they are in public space. Such boxes are no problem on your own property or your own windowsill.

“To give away boxes” can be really expensive – fines of up to 5000 euros possible

Of course, it becomes particularly problematic when nobody is interested in the gifts on the side of the road and they simply don’t take them away. Strictly speaking, according to Patrick Hasenkamp from the association of municipal companies, it is an administrative offense, as he explains to Deutschlandfunk .

And that can sometimes be quite expensive. Here are a few examples from the catalog of fines:

  • Dishes, cooking pots, items of clothing can mean a fine of up to 200 euros.
  • Liquids such as paint residues or washing-up liquid can also cost up to 200 euros.
  • “Individual items of small size” such as a radio, a chair or a basket can cost up to 250 euros in fines.
  • Objects with sharp edges can cost up to 300 euros.
  • Several objects over two kilos can be fined with up to 1500 euros.
  • For electronic devices, the fine can be up to 5,000 euros.

The information may vary depending on the federal state.

“Gift box” is not allowed and can be expensive for consumers

And even if no culprit is found, in the end everyone has to pay for it. Because the disposal of the items from the “to give away box” is offset against the waste fees that every tenant has to pay.

If you want to be completely correct and legally park your crate on the sidewalk, you would have to submit an application for special use of the public sidewalk. With this approval, the “For Free Box” could even stay in place for several days. However, this variant costs. Fees for the special use can be in the two to three digit range.

So it can still work with the “gift box” on the side of the road

If you don’t want to take this bureaucratic detour, you have two options: hope for the goodwill of the public order office or get rid of your belongings in another way.

As T-online reports, there are a few recommendations for action to appease the regulatory office. Accordingly, it is already a good start if the goods on offer are in the box close to the wall of the house and they do not block the way. Passages should not be blocked and wheelchair users and prams must be able to pass without any problems.

Gut gemeint, aber verboten: „Zu verschenken-Kisten“ auf der Straße.
Well intentioned, but forbidden: “For free boxes” on the street. © Jürgen Ritter/Imago

Getting rid of discarded items: The “gift box” isn’t the only option

Items that are not taken away must be disposed of promptly. They shouldn’t stand on the street for more than a day. You should really only give away items that are worth it. Nobody is happy about free garbage. In addition, items that are harmful to young people should not be given away.

Otherwise, there is always the option of registering regular bulky waste, putting books in bookcases that are set up in many places, and donating clothing or crockery to social collection points.

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