News“Today Journal”: Claus Kleber is moderating his last program...

“Today Journal”: Claus Kleber is moderating his last program today

Klaus Kleber, who was born in Reutlingen, will host the news program “Today Journal” on ZDF for the last time on Thursday, December 30th.

Reutlingen / Mainz – This Thursday evening, December 30th, millions of TV viewers must be strong. After more than 3,000 programs, one of Germany's best-known presenters is in front of the camera for the last time at “heute journal” on ZDF. Claus Kleber had helped shape the news program in his long career and interviewed the recently sworn Chancellor Olaf Scholz there. Before his last broadcast as a moderator of the format, even the experienced journalist is excited and feels a certain pain of separation, as he said in an interview with dpa.
BW24 * reports how Claus Kleber deals with the pain of separation before his last episode, “heute journal”.

Claus Kleber, who was born in Reutlingen, was, among other things, studio manager at SWR and as a correspondent for ARD in the USA and Great Britain during his long career. * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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