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Tokio Hotel twins Bill and Tom fell ill with corona

The two Tokio Hotel stars Bill and Tom Kaulitz were sick over New Year’s Eve. Both had Corona – with different disease courses.

Los Angeles – Silent Night on New Year’s Eve with the Tokio Hotel twins: Bill and Tom Kaulitz ushered in the New Year very calmly – the reason: Corona.

“We were at home and were sick – with Covid,” said guitarist Tom Kaulitz in the current episode of the Spotify podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”. Instead of a big party, the two of them had ordered fast food, “dumped it on the couch” and watched a movie. How it came to the infection, the two do not know. “Although we are extremely careful, that’s why it annoys me twice,” said the 32-year-old.

Different gradients

According to their own words, the course of the disease was very different in the twins. “I had no chills, no fever – nothing at all. I had a sore throat, “said singer Bill Kaulitz. It was different with brother Tom: “It was like a bad flu with me,” said Heidi Klum’s husband.

Because of the quarantine, their employees could not have helped with the household either. “I have the feeling that we were just standing in the kitchen – I have real washing hands,” emphasized Bill. “We were real housemen.” Dpa

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