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Tourists overrun Italy: First beaches get visitor limit – numerous regions with restrictions

Created: 08/10/2022, 09:35 am

Tourism is booming in Italy. But some regions suffer from the mass of visitors. Regulations, such as visitor restrictions, should now remedy the situation.

Rome – Bella Italia! The Mediterranean country receives millions of tourists every year. In 2019, more than 50 million people flocked to Italy. Some Italian towns and regions have now taken measures against the tourist crowds: Visitor limits on beaches, towel bans and traffic restrictions.

Mass tourism in Sardinia: towel ban and entrance fees

The Spiaggia della Pelosa beach in Sardinia attracts numerous tourists every day. However, the beach regularly loses sand due to the crowds and their towels, as the editorial network Germany (RND) reports. Accordingly, the sand would stick to the towels and be carried away from the beach.

Therefore, the authorities have limited visitor access: 1500 people per day. In addition, beach towels are banned, according to RND . As an alternative to towels, beach visitors can rent loungers. In addition, everyone over the age of twelve must pay an entrance fee of 3.50 euros and wear yellow identification bracelets on the beach.

Tourism and Italy: Beaches get a visitor limit

According to RND , the Spiaggia della Pelosa is not the only beach in Sardinia with visitor restrictions. These beaches have also introduced visitor restrictions:

  • The Tax: 1500 Personen per Tag
  • Brandinchi: 3330 Personen per Tag
  • Cala Mariolu bay: 550 persons per day

To protect the dunes and vegetation, a visit to Cala Mariolu bay costs one euro per person, while a visit to Cala Coticcio and Cala Brigantina in La Maddalena National Park costs three euros per person.

Lake Garda: Sirmione with tightened traffic restrictions

Lake Garda in Italy is not only very popular with German tourists. Especially the town of Sirmione on the southern shore of the lake is literally overrun by tourist masses. “For three years we have seen a very strong increase in tourists,” explained Sabrina Medaglia from the Sirmione tourist office to the dpa .

Sirmione booked around 1.36 million overnight stays in 2017. That was almost six percent more than in the previous year. This makes the municipality, which only has around 8,000 inhabitants, the most popular holiday resort in the province and one of the most visited places on Lake Garda.

These tourist crowds were also reflected in the traffic in Sirmione. Not surprising, then, that the town has issued driving bans. Cars have not been allowed into the town for a long time. But bicycles are also forbidden in the historic center. However, these strict rules do not only affect tourists, but also the residents of Sirmione who live outside the old town. Only residents of the center, hotel guests in the old town and people who work there are exempt from the traffic rule.

Sardinien, Italien Pelosa Stintino Strand mit sehr vielen Touristen
Sardinia’s beaches struggle with crowds of tourists. Therefore, there are more and more visitor limits. © Jürgen held / IMAGO

However, the Lake Garda region not only has to contend with masses of tourists, but also with severe drought. This drought also has consequences for the everyday vacation of German tourists.

Tourism in Italy: Amalfi Coast with an unusual traffic rule

The Amalfi Coast is not spared from the influx of tourists either. Thanks to the many vacationers, there are kilometers of traffic jams. That’s why the region is restricting traffic on the main access road, Strada Statale 163, this summer.

As RND reports, vehicles with odd numbers on their license plates are allowed to drive on the route between Meta di Sorrento and Vietri sul Mare on odd dates. Vehicles with number plates with even numbers are only allowed to drive on even days. The ordinance applies until September 15 on Saturdays and Sundays, and in August even every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Taxis and public buses are exempt from this restriction. (jsch)

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