NewsTransformation of 'Cat Woman' began over 40 years ago...

Transformation of 'Cat Woman' began over 40 years ago – photo shows what she looked like at the time

Created: 09/25/2022, 5:00 a.m

„Katzenfrau“ Jocelyn Wildenstein
Jocelyn Wildenstein became world famous as the “cat woman”. She spent almost 4 million euros on her numerous cosmetic surgeries. © IMAGO/ZUMA Globe/Collage BW24

Jocelyn Wildenstein has already spent almost 4 million euros on operations. As a “cat woman” she is world famous. Hardly anything remains of her former appearance.

New York – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many strive for perfection. While some try to shape their bodies through exercise, others resort to surgery. Almost anything is possible these days with the help of cosmetic surgery. An example of this is Jessica Alves, who went from “Real-Life-Ken” to “Real-Life-Barbie” through more than a hundred surgeries (BW24* reported). Jessica Alves shelled out around 500,000 euros for all the procedures.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, who was born in Switzerland, can top that: she has been going under the knife for over 40 years and has spent around 4 million euros on cosmetic surgery so far. Due to her cat-like appearance, the 81-year-old is now known worldwide as the “cat woman”. It’s hard to imagine what the ex-billionaire’s wife must have looked like before the surgery.

She is world famous as the “cat woman”: Jocelyn Wildenstein is hardly recognizable in old photos

Jocelyn Wildenstein transformed her looks over many years, ostensibly out of love for her ex-husband, the late billionaire Alec N. Wildenstein. This is said to have loved wildcats. The curious thing about it: To this day, Jocelyn Wildenstein denies ever having had an operation performed. The interventions are obvious. After all, the now 81-year-old was not born with prominent cheekbones, voluminous lips and narrow, cat-like eyes, as old photos show. The “cat woman” shared an old photo on her ranch in Kenya on her Instagram profile. There is still no sign of her present feline appearance. Meanwhile, a Frenchman had himself transformed into an “alien”* with the help of surgery.

Many Instagram users hardly recognize Jocelyn Wildenstein in the old photo, she looks so different today. “You were such a beautiful woman,” wrote one user under the post. “You were so pretty. You look awful today,” read another comment. “I hope that one day you’ll be able to love yourself with all your heart,” wrote one sympathetic woman.

Jocelyn also gets a lot of ridicule for her surgeries. “Your face compared to your arms and your old skin… it just doesn’t show up properly,” someone suggests, alluding to her unlifted arms. A “Lord of the Rings” fan who had his nose cut off to look like an orc was also mocked. However, many also admire the native Swiss. Admiring comments can be found under current pictures. “You are flawless”, “Breathtaking” and “I adore you” users comment on current photos.

“Catwoman” Jocelyn Wildenstein: Even after the divorce, she went under the knife

Jocelyn Wildenstein has shown in the past that she doesn’t care much about the opinions of others. Even after separating from her husband, she continued to refine her appearance. After 21 years of marriage, in 1999, Jocelyn Wildenstein filed for divorce after catching her husband with a 19-year-old model. The divorce was profitable for the “cat woman”: she received $ 2.5 billion and an additional $ 100 million every year for the next 13 years.

„Katzenfrau“ Jocelyn Wildenstein und ihr Verlobter Lloyd Klein laufen Hand in Hand durch New York
“Catwoman” Jocelyn Wildenstein has been with French designer Lloyd Klein for 15 years and is now engaged. © IMAGO/ZUMA Press

However, at the time, the divorce attorney determined that Jocelyn Wildenstein was not allowed to use alimony for further cosmetic surgery. But even after her divorce, she had more cosmetic surgery done on her. Over the years, the Swiss woman has had almost every part of her face changed for around 4 million euros. What probably puts many off, but one man has fallen in love with it: the “Catwoman” has been with the French designer Lloyd Klein for 15 years. *BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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