NewsTrends 2022: What could be trendy this year

Trends 2022: What could be trendy this year

Fashion, travel, food in the new year: the noughties revival in fashion, Freiburg and Essen as travel destinations, possibly the next big thing on the market for milk alternatives and edible drinking straws.

Berlin – food, drink, fashion, travel, love and leisure: what will be trendy in 2022? The attempt at an overview:


After the meat excesses of many people at Christmas time, even discount stores are promoting a meatless month of January at the start of the year. People like to talk about the so-called veganuary. The substitute product market is booming. New in Germany are, for example, the so-called steaks from the Swiss brand “The Green Mountain”, which are said to make beef particularly real with soy and wheat protein and coloring beef concentrate (i.e. beetroot). The Viennese start-up Revo Foods, on the other hand, produces salmon substitutes from pea protein and algae extract, among other things, using 3D printers to imitate the structure of orange-colored muscle fibers and white connective tissue. Are vegan steaks and vegan salmon becoming a mass phenomenon?

Edible drinking straws

After the one-way plastic ban in 2021, Stiftung Warentest chose the product from a start-up from Regensburg as the “best alternative to plastic straws”. It’s about edible stalks that are specially baked. Christian Zippel from the “Knusperhalm” company in Donaustauf says that reusable straws are often difficult to clean and that when using pasta as a straw, valuable food is often thrown in the trash. The neutral-tasting drinking straws made from durum wheat, water and rapeseed oil, on the other hand, are simply crunched away after the drink. 20 pieces cost about 3 euros. Will the alternative drinking straws end up in the grocery retail sector later in the year and prevail?


Robots are already serving food and drinks in some restaurants in Germany, for example in the “Hafenrestaurant Grömitz” (Schleswig-Holstein) or in the “Anders” restaurant in Walsrode (Lower Saxony). In the past few months, some restaurateurs have reacted to the staff shortage, which has intensified in the Corona crisis. They also want to offer their guests more protection from the virus and also provide entertainment. Are robo waiters going from an expensive gag to an everyday experience?

Bright and wide fashion like 20 years ago

Strong colors are trendy this year for all genders. In 2022, “bright colors, a disco feeling and the Y2K revival for everyone who likes it a little louder in fashion” will be the trend, writes the magazine “Glamor”. The noughties revival is bigger than ever in spring / summer. That means low-waist jeans, extra wide silhouettes, butterfly tops and micro-mini skirts. Will the zero revival be over in 2023?

New milk alternative

Plant-based drinks made from soy, rice, almonds, peas, lupins or oats are booming. So there are good reasons to believe that plant-based milk is becoming even more popular. A brand from Sweden called Dug now also offers a creamy alternative type of milk made from potatoes. Is potato milk coming to Germany and will the next big hype be?


Where is the 2022 pandemic particularly strong, which countries are continuing to seal themselves off, where is life with the coronavirus normalizing? Many questions about tourism are open, but there is never a lack of travel tips. The “Lonely Planet”, for example, in its book “Best in Travel 2022” recommends Auckland (New Zealand), Taipei (Taiwan) as cities and the green university city of Freiburg in third place. And the magazine “National Geographic” also counted the Ruhr area among its 25 astonishing destinations for 2022: “Rent a bike in Essen for a car-free Ruhr valley ride on bike paths, many of which follow earlier train tracks. Or explore the new 150-kilometer-long Hohe-Mark-Steig, a trekking path, on foot. ”Will a lot of people really go to destinations that are off the beaten track?

Mobile dating comes into puberty

Internet and mobile dating changed the love lives of millions and appears today as the true sexual revolution. It will be ten years in 2022 since the dating app “Tinder” turned the market upside down. From 2012 mobile dating also became a hetero mass phenomenon thanks to “Tinder”. Previously, since 2009 gays and queers had a kind of privilege with the app “Grindr”, which invented GPS-based flirting and being able to meet informally. After a decade, will you soon stop complaining that this kind of getting to know each other promotes superficiality instead of love happiness?

New delivery services

In the US, pizza services emerged as early as the 1960s and became part of popular culture. In the 90s it became more popular in Germany as well. In America, people were slowly switching from the telephone to the Internet as an ordering method. For a good ten years now, more and more things have been running through apps. Since the first pizza taxis decades ago, a messenger culture has increasingly developed that reached new heights during the Corona era. “They don’t carry restaurant food on their urban shoulders, they carry food. Online supermarkets are the new big thing in the start-up scene, ”said the“ taz ”last year and said:“ The service does not stop at anything. ”The question is, what will low-wage workers bring to the door next? dpa

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