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Trump's idea: Texas is building its own wall on the Mexico border

A wall is to be built on the Texas-Mexico border. Republican Greg Abbott is continuing what Donald Trump has promised many times.

Texas – Donald Trump once promised to build a wall on the Texas border with Mexico. That was never finally implemented. Trump received numerous votes through the move in the election campaign. His successor Joe Biden eventually stopped funding the wall project. Now the state of Texas wants to build the wall on its own. The first huge steel bars were installed.

“Texas is taking an unprecedented step for a state to protect the sovereignty of the United States and our state,” said Greg Abbott, Republican governor of Texas, at a press conference on Saturday December 18, 2021. The wall is necessary because the US government around President Biden is not fulfilling “its task”.

USA: Texas is building Trump’s wall on its own

Biden’s border policy has “fatal consequences”. “This border wall that you see behind us is a replica of the border wall that President Trump built – same material, same concept,” said Abbott. According to Trump’s ideas, the wall on the 3200-kilometer border with Mexico should have a length of 1,100 to 1,450 kilometers.

According to official information from the authorities, around 730 kilometers of the wall have been completed. In view of the great resistance to Trump’s plans, the former US president gradually moved away from individual demands and promises. In most cases, the completed part of the border wall replaces existing and outdated border systems.

Joe Biden broke with Trump’s border policy on the border with Mexico. Underage migrants are no longer deported for humanitarian reasons. Families separated on the southern border during Trump’s tenure are to be reunited. Nevertheless, Joe Biden has to face harsh criticism of his immigration policy. (tu / AFP)

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