NewsTurbine on fire: Cathy Hummels survives emergency landing

Turbine on fire: Cathy Hummels survives emergency landing

Created: 09/28/2022, 6:38 p.m

Cathy Hummels wanted to fly back to Munich from Milan. But the plane had to make an emergency landing. There was a fire at the turbine.

Milan – Cathy Hummels (34) just attended the “About You Fashion Week” in Milan, where Leni Klum also ran as a model. On the way home to Munich, her plane was delayed and then she had to make an emergency landing. There was a fire!

First a delay, then a fire: Cathy Hummel’s odyssey back to Munich

Cathy Hummels is just not having any luck on her travels right now. The influencer was recently in Thailand for filming and was stolen from it. Her journey home from Milan to Munich was anything but smooth. First, she tells her followers from the airport: “Now my flight is an hour late, I was in such a hurry … that’s no fun”.

Collage: Cathy Hummels Flugzeug musste notlanden – es gab einen Brand.
Cathy Hummel’s plane had to make an emergency landing – there was a fire. © Screenshots Instagram/cathyhummels

But even when the plane finally arrived, things didn’t go any better, on the contrary, things got even worse. Hummels films a fire engine out of the window and says: “We just made an emergency landing because there was a fire here on the plane. I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

Firefighters with breathing masks in the airplane aisle: Cathy Hummel’s machine had to make an emergency landing

Shortly thereafter, the passengers should be allowed to leave the machine again. Completely finished, the brunette films herself at her window seat. “I can go out again in five minutes, I can’t believe it. There was a fire…” she explains. But nothing came of it either – the fire brigade still had to do checks, on the recordings firefighters with breathing masks walk down the aisle in the plane. For Cathy Hummels it was clear: “I’m not going to get on any more planes today.”

When the excitement subsided a little shortly afterwards and all the passengers were able to exit the plane again, Hummels explains that it was actually the turbine that caught fire and had to be extinguished. She does not say exactly where she had landed. The 34-year-old then shared a car with other passengers in the direction of Munich.

Safe again, Cathy Hummels writes on Instagram that she was “shocked and incredulous”, but above all grateful that everything turned out well in the end.

Flying as a travel option is safe

Flying is considered to be a very safe means of transport. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, there were 19 fatal accidents in 2016, with 325 fatalities (aircraft with 14 or more passengers). The U.S. Aviation Safety Network recorded eight accidents involving passenger aircraft worldwide in 2020. The most common accidents usually happen after take-off or on landing.

Shortly before her trip to Milan, Cathy Hummels showed up at the Munich Oktoberfest. She tied her dirndl apron on the left side, which traditionally also gives information about the relationship status of the wearer. Left means single. Sources used:; International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO;; Aviation Safety Network

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