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Turin: huge crane falls on the street and kills three people – "like an earthquake"

In the center of the northern Italian city of Turin, a construction crane overturned and killed three construction workers. It’s not the first crane accident this week.

Turin – An overturned construction crane killed three people. The accident occurred on Saturday (December 18) in Turin, northern Italy. The dead are three construction workers. A similar accident occurred in Regensburg * just two days earlier.

According to the AFP news agency, which relies on Italian reports, the construction workers in Turin were just about to erect the crane when it fell over. Two were killed on site, the third on the way to the hospital. “I’m shocked. I saw the workers fall with the crane. There was nothing I could do, ”said the owner of a café not far from the scene of the accident to the South Tyrolean news portal

Turin: crane crashes on the street – three dead and at least two injured

AFP reports two injured passers-by. According to reports, there was one person on the street and another in a car. However, the café owner claims to have also rushed to the aid of a woman who had been injured by a piece of rubble.

Photos published by the fire brigade on the online service Twitter showed that the crane fell on a street between two six-story buildings. The Italian news agency Ansa quoted a worker as saying that the accident could have caused many more victims. “Yesterday there was a line in front of the post office and a few meters away is a bus stop,” said the worker. “That could have been a bloodbath.”

Shock in Turin: Overturned crane kills three people – reasons still unclear

According to, the accident happened not far from the famous Lingotto convention center in Turin. The crane was supposed to be set up there for work on the roof of a building and fell onto the busy street for reasons that were not yet clear. According to the report, it is believed that the base of the crane collapsed. “The crane swayed as if there had been a gust of wind, but it couldn’t just have been wind, then it fell,” the news portal quoted a witness as saying.

The shock in the capital of the Piedmont region in northern Italy * is great. Residents and passers-by report on of a loud roar like an earthquake. In fact, there was an earthquake in northern Italy on Saturday. It caused a stir in Milan, around 150 kilometers away, but apparently did not cause any major damage. The quake, the strength of which was estimated at 4.4 by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, was felt throughout Lombardy. In Milan, according to AFP, some people ran excitedly into the street. According to their information, the fire brigade did not receive any calls for help because of the vibrations. A connection with the crane collapse cannot currently be established.

Disaster in Turin: just two days earlier, a falling crane in Regensburg seriously injured two people

A very similar accident occurred in Bavaria on Thursday *. When a construction crane weighing tons was to be dismantled in Neutraubling near Regensburg *, it fell on the roof of an indoor swimming pool under construction and seriously injured two construction workers. (jo / AFP) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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