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Twitter, the new urban planning tool

Social networks have taken a key role in everyday life , in which users share all their exploits, from what they eat to what they are watching on TV, through photos of their trips and outings.

Now, in addition to being able to use them to tell the world what we are doing , seeing and even expressing our complaints, the brothers Enrique and Vanesa Frías-Martínez have given it a new use , to develop urban planning plans for large cities. In their statements to the Sinc Agency, they say that thanks to the geolocated tweets option, the data provided by tweeters about the activities they do can be extrapolated, and thus plan in an orderly and more concise way the places for leisure.

Thanks to twitter, these two research brothers have differentiated three areas in cities such as Madrid, London and Manhattan: residential, business, daytime and nightlife areas. They affirm that exploiting this facet of Twitter helps to better plan the spaces for each activity , improving the noise, cleanliness or security problems necessary in each case.

Users show in real time what they are doing and where, following the model proposed by Vanesa and Enrique, the management of urban plans would be more efficient taking into account the data from this social network, and, in addition, they affirm that it would also reduce costs by not need traditional surveys.

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