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Two street artists deface the faces of tourists – "Your reaction is so cool"

Created: 10/26/2022, 4:46 p.m

Caricaturists are notorious for not portraying people to their best advantage. Two street artists from Hawaii are currently going viral on TikTok.

Honolulu — Actually, you have to be pretty to thrive on TikTok, according to Medium . All the better that a channel called @caricatureparty is going through the roof with the opposite. Aaron and Saimee, who work as cartoonists on the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, always draw out the ugliest features of those who dare to sit in their hot seat.

Most of her customers are strolling tourists, whose reactions are almost as funny as the drawings themselves. While some are visibly enjoying themselves, others seem to be suffering from their own ugliness.

Mann links und Frau rechts stehen für Karikatur (Mitte) Modell
This couple has embraced the mean style of cartoonists. © Screenshot: TikTok/caricatureparty

Street artist on TikTok: Nobody comes off well in these viral caricatures

There are also caricaturists in tourist areas in Germany and many have had themselves drawn. Aaron and Saimee have a particular style, though: they pick out an unflattering detail and then align the entire drawing with that aspect. It can be anything from crooked teeth and small eyes to thin hair. Caricatures were also a topic at the last documenta and required a separate explanation.

I would be insecure for the next 10 years.


In the comments on TikTok, a user imagines being drawn himself and comments: “I would be insecure for the next ten years.” The portrayed themselves usually take their flaws with humor and thus provide another entertainment factor. Another user commented on a tourist’s hearty laugh: “Your reaction is so awesome. There is no nicer compliment.”

The tourists go viral as unflattering caricatures

@caricatureparty’s cartoons and videos regularly go viral and reach millions of viewers. The structure of the videos is always the same: First, the people to be drawn are shown and those who know their way around can already think about which imperfections the caricaturists will emphasize. The finished work of art is then shown and finally you can see the reaction of those portrayed themselves. A trick that allows you to optimally dose oil also recently went viral on TikTok.

Because most of them can’t even drive to Hawaii just like that, @caricatureparty have recently started offering their caricatures online if you send them the relevant video material. Those who don’t dare continue to watch and enjoy the drawings together with those portrayed. Because everyone has imperfections and because nobody is really safe from Aaron and Saimee, everyone can laugh about it together. (loud)

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