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Two-year-old falls at the photo of the mother of pier

How much risk should you take for a beautiful picture? This question arises after an incident on a pier. A two-year-old falls into the Baltic Sea in Zinnowitz – and is rescued.

Zinnowitz – A two-year-old boy fell into the water on the pier in the Baltic Sea resort of Zinnowitz on Usedom when his mother tried to take a photo. As a spokesman for the district of Vorpommern-Greifswald said on Friday, the incident caused a lot of attention on Thursday evening and a major rescue operation.

The child fell more than five meters into the Baltic Sea. The 34-year-old mother from the Brandenburg district of Barnim immediately jumped after and seriously injured her ankle.

According to witnesses, the child is said to have been placed on the parapet of the pier for the photo and crashed from there. According to the police, the incident should have occurred where the water is not very deep. The mother and the boy were rescued by rescuers and taken to a clinic.

The police are not investigating the case, as a spokesman said in Anklam. It is a “pure rescue operation”. The Zinnowitz pier runs from the higher road about four meters over the beach and about 300 meters into the Baltic Sea. the accident is said to have occurred at the level of the first bridge segments that lead over the water. dpa

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