NewsUdo Lindenberg: Brain-dead risk pilots - who he says...

Udo Lindenberg: Brain-dead risk pilots – who he says that about

The corona virus and his opponents bring the otherwise relaxed panic rocker Udo Lindenberg to the Hamburg plastic palm. The music legend finds clear words.

  • Udo Lindenberg * appeals to mask opponents to abide by the rules.
  • Hamburg * panic rocker wants to leave the coronavirus * crisis behind.
  • He shoots at mask refusers like Melanie Müller .

Hamburg – “ Do your thing! “Is Udo Lindenberg’s motto in life and a recommendation to all of his fellow men . But there is one thing even the unconventional panic rocker makes an exception and appeals to mutual consideration . If you don’t feel like taking Corona measures , you should, according to the “Do your thing!” Singer , simply stick to the rules anyway. The hamburger by choice with the black hair , hat and dark sunglasses has absolutely no understanding for opponents .

Musician: Udo Lindenberg
Born: May 17, 1946 (age 74 years), Gronau (Westphalia)
Music group: Passport
Siblings: Erich Lindenberg, Inge Lindenberg, Erika Lindenberg

“We need the collective mega-power , so: Mask on and with panic consistency through there!”, Said Lindenberg of the German Press Agency ( dpa ) in Hamburg. People who refuse to keep their distance or to wear a mask in public areas such as supermarkets or the HVV *, he says: “If the brain-dead risk pilots hiss through the aerosols , it will hit a lot”. Meant are mask refusers such as jungle queen (RTL) Melanie Müller (32).

Udo Lindenberg trägt eine Maske, Melanie Müller nicht. Die Schlager-Sängerin hat sich mit dem Coronavirus infiziert.


Udo Lindenberg has a neck for mask opponents such as Melanie Müller. ( assembly)

Udo Lindenberg shoots against masked opponents like Melanie Müller

The Ballermann singer (“ Anyone who remembers was not there ”) once criticized the mask requirement with the words : “Now we are forced to wear this shit. And in a few weeks we’ll all be back with environmental pollution . ”She also posted an illustration with a large crowd in front of a mask dispenser and a single person in front of a vitamin dispenser . The signature is emblazoned on the drawing: “Think about whether it is right, just because everyone is doing it!”

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Melanie Müller (@ melanie.mueller_offiziell) on Jul 15, 2020 at 12:49 PM PDT

A clear statement by the cult blonde who made a name for herself with erotic films on the Internet before she took part in the RTL format “Der Bachelor” and recently stopped by Olivia Jones in the Kiez *. Udo Lindenberg should n’t like this attitude at all. He emphasizes to dpa: “Only if we all stay cool and follow the rules can we get things under control.”

Udo Lindenberg had to cancel the 2020 tour due to the coronavirus and wants to go back on stage

Whoever ignores the protection against the coronavirus , according to the permanent guest at the Atlantic Hotel, not only endangers other people, but “also threatens the quick return of our hot, broad-based cultural scene in Germany “. Udo Lindenberg and his panic band had to cancel the tour in 2020 completely because of the coronavirus. “All of us, the whole panic family, the band , the creative crew and the technicians got a heavy blues from the cruel pandemic ,” he tells the “Hamburger Abendblatt” (behind the payment barrier).

200 employees are affected in the case of Udo Lindenberg’s canceled Tour 2020. But unlike Melanie Müller , Udo Lindenberg can accept his corona fate : “It’s the only right decision, it’s about the health of all of us, about our lives!”, He commented on his tour cancellation in May 2020 . But after around six months without a stage , even the tolerant Udo gets bored: “You fall into the deepest abyss and push a big depression.” reports on how Udo Lindenberg spends the dreary Corona time without music. In addition to singing, the artist lives a second passion . out. Mouth and nose protection enemy Melanie Müller has meanwhile been infected with the corona virus. At least she can kill the time well: she is currently flickering on the TV screens on “Like Me I’m Famous” on RTL every Tuesday at 10:15 pm . Already knew? In September 2020, saunas in Hamburg are allowed to reopen.

Mask opponent Melanie Müller infected with corona virus: Schlager singer fights disease with beer

And: Not only she herself was infected with Corona. Her husband and former manager Mike Blümer (54) is also infected, as are their children, Mia-Rose (2) and Matty (ten months). Melanie Müller said: “We are in quarantine . We have Corona here, all positive! ”She confesses to her followers on Instagram. But vitamins and protection programs are out of the question for Melanie Müller, even with corona infection .

Instead: “I’ll first open a beer and wait for RTL or Sat.1,” she tells her fans. Reason: In addition to ” Like Me I’m Famous “, Melanie Müller was also seen on ” Promis Privat ” on Sat.1 on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 . * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

List of rubric lists: © Axel Heimken / dpa, Sebastian Kahnert / dpa

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