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Ukraine war: Turkey builds drone factory to fight Putin's forces

Created: 08/09/2022, 05:16 p.m

Wladimir Putin dürfte ich über die Drohnenfabrik nicht freuen
I shouldn’t be happy for Vladimir Putin about the drone factory (archive photo). © IMAGO/Pavel Byrkin

Ukraine is getting a drone factory. The Turkish company Baykar wants to support the country attacked by Putin.

KIEV – Baykar, a Turkish company that produces drones for Ukraine, is building a new factory on the territory of the attacked country. The machines are intended to be used against Russia’s armed forces, says Vasyl Bodnar, Ukraine’s ambassador, in an interview with RBC Ukraine , which was also reported by Newsweek .

“The factory is being built. A week ago, the government sent a bilateral agreement to Parliament for ratification,” he said. The company has already bought land. “The entrepreneurs felt obliged to do that,” added Bodnar.

War in Ukraine: Turkish company builds drone factory

It was not just a political decision. “A large part of the models that are produced consists of individual parts that are produced in Ukraine,” says Bodnar. “Despite the war, our companies are fulfilling their obligations,” he said.

“Although not in the volume we had planned, it shows how responsible we are and that we cannot leave Turkey alone with its problems,” he added. TB2 drones are considered the main weapons of Ukraine. Especially before the US’s Himars missile launchers arrived.

Putin is concerned about Himar rocket launchers

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, is said to be becoming increasingly concerned. So the dictator called a cabinet meeting. “A number of current problems are being put to the test,” the Kremlin announced. Former US Army General Mark Hertling has already described Himars as a “game changer”.

The Russian troops would have problems. The rocket launchers would have a longer range than most of Ukraine’s weapons. On top of that, they are even more accurate and precise. US General Mark Milley also said that Ukraine could significantly weaken Russia’s army potential. The US had previously announced that Ukraine would get $270 million and four Himar missile launchers. On the same day, Ukraine denied that Russia had destroyed four rocket launchers. (mse)

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