NewsUkraine War: Zelenskyj urges Russians to desert over mobilization

Ukraine War: Zelenskyj urges Russians to desert over mobilization

Created: 09/23/2022, 07:28 am

In the Ukraine war, Selenskyj turns to his country, but also to Russia. Russian soldiers should desert to survive.

KIEV — President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Russians to protest the mobilization and evade conscription in his daily video message on Thursday. “Protest! fight! Running away! Or go into Ukrainian captivity! These are the options for you to survive,” said Zelenskyj in his speech, which was in Russian.

According to him, 55,000 Russian soldiers have already died in Ukraine, according to Moscow there are almost 6,000 take part in the war against Ukraine. Those who make decisions in your country protect their children. And your children will not even be buried.”

Ukraine War: Zelenskyj turns to his country

Addressing his own compatriots, Zelenskyy said that the mobilization in Russia was a sign of Ukraine’s strength. With the decision, the war for the Russians will no longer be just an event from television, but will move into real life.

For the Ukrainians, on the other hand, nothing will change, they will continue to fight for the liberation of their country, he was convinced. With a view to the UN General Assembly, the Ukrainian President explained that Ukraine is now supported by an even larger circle of states in the international community.

Präsident der Ukraine: Wolodymyr Selenskyj.
President of Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelenskyj. © Ukrainian Presidential Press Office/AP/dpa

Could Russia call up up to a million soldiers?

It is true that many people in Russia have already received their draft notice. However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied reports that up to a million reservists could be called up. The Internet portal of the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which has since been discontinued in Russia, wrote that President Vladimir Putin gave the Defense Ministry a free hand to mobilize up to given to a million men. This is in point 7 of Putin’s decree on Wednesday.

This point was missing from the publication and was classified as “For official use only”. In its report, the newspaper, which operates from exile, referred to alleged sources in the Russian presidential office. Peskow himself said on Wednesday that the said paragraph of the decree was about the number of reservists. However, it is true that 300,000 men should be called up, as announced by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. (mse/dpa)

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