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Unintentionally photographed on the beach: Roland Kaiser admits to a fight with paparazzi

Created: 09/23/2022, 6:46 p.m

Roland Kaiser is known as the gentleman of German hits. But the 70-year-old can do things differently. When a photographer became too pushy, Roland Kaiser became violent.

Vienna – Roland Kaiser has been one of the absolute Schlager stars in Germany for 50 years. He captivates not only with his unmistakable voice, but also with a refreshing modesty. Taking fan selfies in the supermarket? No problem. However, Roland Kaiser’s tolerance also has its limits, as he now reveals in “Welcome to Austria”.

Unintentionally photographed on the beach: Roland Kaiser admits to a fight with paparazzi

In a good mood and neatly dressed as always, Roland Kaiser, one of the biggest German hit stars of all time, talks about his finances, Kaisermania and a serious argument with a photographer at “Welcome Austria”. “I broke his camera,” says Roland Kaiser. “Rightly?” asks ORF presenter Dirk Stermann, surprised at the outburst of anger. “I think so. But the court saw it differently, ”recalls the hit star.

Roland Kaiser am 20.09.2022 zu Gastin der ORF-Talkshow „Willkommen Österreich“ (Fotomontage)
Roland Kaiser is considered the gentleman of hits. But he can also be different: when a photographer became too pushy, he became violent. (Photomontage) © Screenshot ORF/Welcome Austria

But what actually happened that all the fuses blown at Roland Kaiser? “He photographed my then-wife while she was pregnant. I did not want that. It was a public beach,” recalls the pop singer. After a heated discussion with the photographer, the hit star finally burst the hat cord.

Two failed marriages: Roland Kaiser only found happiness the third time with Silvia

Roland Kaiser’s first marriage was to Christina Keiler, the current wife of actor Michael Lesch. After that he was married to Anja Schuete from 1990 to 1995, with whom he has a son. In 1996 he married his current wife Silvia and has a son (* 1996) and a daughter (* 1999) from this marriage.

Court has photographers right: Roland Kaiser has to pay a fine

The incident ended up in court at the time. “Did you go to jail?” Dirk Stermann asks curiously. “No, of course not,” laughs Roland Kaiser. However, the court was right for the photographer at the time and the pop singer had to pay a fine. But he doesn’t reveal how much anymore.

Roland Kaiser: A hit star full of surprises. While many of his famous colleagues rail against gendering in public, even calling it “violation of language” like Didi Hallervorden, Roland Kaiser is open to gendering. Sources used: Welcome Austria episode 547 from September 20th, 2022

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