NewsUnique phenomenon at sea: Experts are amazed

Unique phenomenon at sea: Experts are amazed

A MarineLabs buoy measured the largest rogue wave ever recorded off the Pacific coast of Canada. This result is particularly helpful to science.

Vancouver – Rampant waves pile up in the water, then collapse, tearing apart ships or killing people. Such a giant wave with a previously unmeasured extent was measured in Canada.

A so-called “freak wave” with a height of 17.6 meters was detected by a measuring buoy from the Canadian company MarineLabs on November 17, 2020. The researchers have now published their sensational results. This was measured in relation to the preceding or following wave trough. To be counted as a monster wave, the wave must be at least twice as high as the average waves in its area, as also reported by

Die Größte Monsterwelle überhaupt wurde nun in Kanada gemessen (Symbolfoto).


The biggest monster wave ever was measured in Canada (symbol photo).

Largest rogue wave measured in Canada: Only recognized since 1995

In absolute meters, this wave is not as high as the “Draupner wave” (25.6 meters) in Norway, which was measured on New Year’s Day 1995. In comparison to the prevailing swell, however, it clearly surpasses it. Finally, the Draupner wave occurred in strong waves averaging twelve meters, while at the time of the measurement the Pacific Ocean was only about six meters high, reports the portal.

The MarineLabs wave is therefore considered to be the most extreme monster wave ever measured. It happened about seven kilometers from the town of Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Monster waves have only been recognized since 1995.

Biggest monster wave ever measured in Canada: Results help science

Oceanographers Leah Cicon and Johannes Gemmrich from the University of Victoria analyzed the data. They want to develop a calculation method to be able to predict possible monster waves. As Gemmrich explained, the probability that such an event would happen again at this location is once in 1,300 years, reports The results are particularly useful for shipping, planning ports and breakwaters, and preparing for climate change.

The measuring buoy that recorded the rogue wave is part of the CoastAware platform from the Canadian company MarineLabs. The platform currently consists of 26 measuring buoys off the coasts of Canada and the USA. During the monster wave, the buoy itself was briefly pulled under the wave, but it survived the incident. The anchorage also withstood the “freak wave”.

In addition to monster waves, there are sometimes tsunamis that roll through the oceans*, as in August 2021. (Samira Müller) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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