EconomyUntil November, Mexico, the US and Canada will know...

Until November, Mexico, the US and Canada will know the ruling of the panel on rules of origin of the automotive sector

Mexico, the United States and Canada will know at the end of November the ruling of the panel of experts on the rules of origin of the automotive sector, the Ministry of Economy reported on Wednesday.

The hearing related to the case initiated by Mexico and Canada against the United States for the interpretation and application of the rules of origin was held on August 2 and 3 in Washington, DC, the SE detailed in a statement.

The panel, which heard the considerations of the three T-MEC partners, is expected to issue a decision at the end of November of this year.

“The controversy presented by Mexico refers to the refusal of the United States to use certain methodologies so that essential parts, such as engines or suspensions, are considered originating for purposes of being incorporated later in a vehicle,” the statement read.

In July of last year, the head of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, pointed out that the United States has a “ ” regarding the rules of origin.

Luz María de la Mora, undersecretary of foreign trade, said that, after the negotiation where the rules for the automotive sector were established within the North American trade agreement, “what we are seeing is that the United States is making an interpretation of the sixth that does not He’s on the same page.”

The Ministry of Economy is the agency in charge of coordinating the defense of the Mexican State in dispute settlement procedures in accordance with international treaties.

The agency “will continue to work to protect the automotive industry, which is an engine of our economy and on which 6 million Mexican families depend,” assured the SE.

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