NewsUSA: Gender reassignment is not child abuse – case...

USA: Gender reassignment is not child abuse – case against family stopped

US President Joe Biden sees a “cynical and dangerous campaign against transgender children” in the instruction from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

WASHINGTON DC – A court in Texas has issued an injunction to stop an investigation into the family of a transgender teenage girl. The US is now not allowed to take any further action against the family until the court holds a hearing on Friday (03/11/2022). The civil rights organizations ACLU and Lambda legal quoted this on Wednesday (local time) from the court’s order. The question is whether to issue a broader injunction that would completely block the enforcement of Abbott’s order.

Now President Joe Biden also commented on the matter: He condemned the actions of the Republican Governor Abbott and accused him of a “cynical and dangerous campaign against transgender children and their parents”. Abbott’s decision is a terrible example of government overreaching. With his actions, the governor “threatened to hurt children and their families just to gain political points”.

USA: Texas governor speaks of “misguided ideology” in transgender measures

Abbott had classified sex reassignment procedures in children as “child abuse” in February. He had directed the Texas State Child Protection Agency to investigate parents who provide sex reassignment treatments to their underage children.

Citing a legal opinion from the Republican Attorney General, Abbott argued: This is child abuse. In his decree, he names the administration of anti-puberty drugs, other hormone therapies or operations as forms of treatment that are not permitted. The Ministry of Justice speaks of a “merging of medicine and misguided ideology”.

Transgender-Protest in Texas


Transgender Texas youth, their families and loved ones gather outside the State Capitol to protest Gov. Abbott’s order.

The mother of the young people affected by the current procedure had previously been suspended by her state employer, the family authority. The youth welfare office had begun to determine whether the 16-year-old was “currently changing from a boy to a girl”. The girl’s family, however, complained with the help of civil rights organizations.

Recently, an Afd politician in the German Bundestag caused a scandal on the subject of transgender people. In the debate on International Women’s Day on March 8, Beatrix von Storch accused the majority of MPs of clinging to a “gender ideology”. “They claim gender has nothing to do with biology. And everyone can somehow determine their own gender,” says Storch. (Well with AFP/dpa)

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