NewsUSA: rampage in Michigan - 15-year-old kills several classmates

USA: rampage in Michigan – 15-year-old kills several classmates

A 15-year-old shoots a gun at a school in Oxford, Michigan, killing three classmates and injuring several people.

Update from December 1st, 2021, 4.40 a.m.: As a police spokesman for the Oakland district now reports, the alleged perpetrator continues to refuse to testify that his motive is unclear. His parents hired a lawyer. It is unclear whether the shooter targeted his victims. The suspect was caught within five minutes of the first emergency call, which was received at 12:51 p.m. (local time / 6:51 p.m. CET). He did not offer any resistance. Before that, he fired 15 to 20 shots. Of the eight injured, two would have to be operated on. The high school is attended by around 1,800 students.

15-year-old kills several classmates in the USA

First report from November 30th, 2021, 10:00 p.m.: Oxford – At a school in the US state of Michigan, a teenager shot three classmates and injured several people. Initial findings indicated that a 15-year-old boy opened fire and killed at least three students. Six other people – including a teacher – were shot wounded in the incident on Tuesday (November 30, 2021), said the Oakland sheriff’s office. The crime took place at the high school in the small town of Oxford, which is 40 miles north of Detroit.

The young shooter was then arrested, the German press agency and the AFP news agency unanimously report, citing the authorities in the USA. According to the information, the student did not offer any resistance. The police also confiscated a handgun. The suspect has asked for a lawyer and has not yet commented on a possible motive, it said.

“Tragic situation”: 15-year-old shoots at least three people at a school

A police spokesman said it was “a very tragic situation”. The emergency services are currently mainly dealing with “many concerned parents”. The suspect was caught within five minutes of the first emergency call, which was received at 12:51 p.m. (local time / 6:51 p.m. CET). The attacker fired between 15 and 20 shots within a period of around five minutes. Fatal incidents continue to occur in the United States because shooters open fire in schools. Firearms are relatively easy to come by in the United States.

Still, Tuesday’s attack at Oxford High School was the deadliest firearms incident at a US school that year, according to Everytown For Gun Safety organization. (iwe with agencies)

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