NewsUSA: Santa Claus is also armed now

USA: Santa Claus is also armed now

Shortly after a deadly rampage in the United States, a picture of the police in Colorado sparked outrage. It is supposed to show Santa Claus who is currently applying for a gun permit.

Colorado Springs – In the US, even Santa Claus prefers to be with a gun. At least that’s what the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Colorado is trying to convey.

“Guess who came today to pick up his permit to conceal a firearm?” Wrote the authority on Friday (December 3rd, 2021) on Twitter. Here is a photo of an older man with a white beard and Christmas clothes.

USA: Advertisement for gun permits with Santa Claus backfires

“Did you know that the El Paso County’s sheriff’s office has issued 49,750 of these permits and 2560 are still waiting to be granted?” The agency also shared a link to instructions on how to apply for permission to carry a concealed weapon.

Most Twitter users didn’t find the fact that the police were using Santa Claus to apply for the license to be particularly funny. Many asked the authorities to delete the picture. Above all, the timing of the contribution caused astonishment. It was only at the end of November that a 15-year-old in Michigan shot and killed four classmates and injured seven others.

“I’m sitting here in the middle of Oxford, Michigan, waiting for the vigil to begin to pay tribute to the four students who were killed by a gun that was smuggled into the school. But definitely, tell children that Santa Claus carries a concealed weapon. “

Shortly after the rampage in Michigan: Police tweet caused a storm of indignation

Another user wrote: “The families of the children slaughtered in Oxford would like to say a few words. So is my daughter, whose best friend is fighting for his life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. There’s a reason that keeps happening. ”Also, the Columbine High School rampage in Colorado was one of the worst school massacres in US history.

“You want to tell me that Santa Claus has a damn gun with him?” Wrote another user. “Should I show this picture to my child? Will it then love Santa Claus more? Who is this tweet for? “

The authority justified itself. “EPSO just wanted to show our staff at work and not be insensitive. Santa is related to the month of December and we thought he would help and give credit to our hard working staff. ”

Trevor Noah’s reaction was also not long in coming. The comedian and presenter of the “Daily Show” apparently imagines Santa Claus from Colorado coming through the chimney on the longed-for day in December – and quotes the famous Christmas carol “Santa Claus Is Comin ‘To Town” (“Santa Claus comes in the city”). The text passage “Better be careful, don’t cry around. Better not pout, I’ll tell you why ‘suddenly feels completely different. “

USA: Republican poses with family and guns after Michigan rampage

The day after the mail from the Colorado Sheriff’s Office, Republican Thomas Massie shared a family photo in front of the Christmas tree – guns included. “Merry Christmas! PS: Santa, please bring ammunition. “

Gun law is still a hotly debated topic in the United States. Although Joe Biden is president and his Democrats have a majority in Congress, no tightening of the law is expected anytime soon. According to the Gun Violence Archive, 19,380 people were killed by firearms in the USA in 2020 alone, not counting suicides. (lrg)

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