NewsUwe Timm: Currywurst belongs on the street

Uwe Timm: Currywurst belongs on the street

The topic of currywurst has been boiling over the last few days. Currywurst expert Uwe Timm also has a lot to say about it.

Munich – The writer Uwe Timm (“The Discovery of Currywurst”) does not see the planned abolition of the Currywurst in one of the VW factory canteens as a major loss for the food culture. “Currywurst belongs on the street anyway,” said the 81-year-old author of the German Press Agency.

Eating in a snack bar with a mixed crowd and while standing can be very pleasurable. “VW, on the other hand, is a canteen dish and therefore a domesticated sausage. That is not what I expected. “

VW had declared internally that the company restaurant in the branded high-rise building at headquarters in Wolfsburg should be meat-free after the company holiday at the end of August. There is no talk of a total abolition. The plans had sparked discussions – among other things, former Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had publicly affirmed his love for currywurst. Timm spoke of a “certain logic”.

“Gerhard Schröder’s word on currywurst issues certainly carries weight. The former chancellor comes from Hanover, and they always had good curry sausages there. Until a few years ago, sausages were fried over an open fire at a stand in the pedestrian zone. It tasted excellent, ”said the Munich-based writer.

The designation of the currywurst as a meal primarily for workers is wrong. “The currywurst has long been part of an academic gourmet discussion,” said Timm. “It is no coincidence that there are always arguments about whether it tastes better with or without the intestine, and whether the sausage should be cut vertically – or at an angle.”

In “The Discovery of Currywurst” Timm tells an unusual love story at the transition from National Socialism to the post-war period. The protagonist happens to invent a spicy sausage sauce. The novella, published in 1993, is often read in school. dpa

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