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Verstappen gives a lesson on snow driving in a Formula 1

Max Verstappen, current Formula 1 world champion, gave a lesson on how to drive a single-seater in the snow. The Dutchman made use of his tremendous ability to delight a privileged group with the 'hands' that have led him to break Lewis Hamilton. The pilot tamed the almost 1,000 horsepower of his Red Bull with amazing ease.

Latifi recounts her ordeal after losing the World Cup to Lewis Hamilton

Nicholas Latifi was, inadvertently, the great protagonist of the last race of the Formula 1 World Championship after leaving Lewis Hamilton without a title.

Mercedes surrenders: he will not appeal and Verstappen is already champion

The Mercedes team has released a statement announcing that they withdraw their appeal for the decision at the Abu Dhabi GP and recognize Max Verstappen as champion.

Mercedes contests Verstappen's title for overtaking with Safety Car

Mercedes officially protested the title of Max Verstappen for questions regarding a possible overtaking with the Safety Car on the track.

Hamilton's sportsmanship after conceding the toughest loss of his career

Lewis Hamilton came within one lap of claiming the eighth Formula 1 world title. "Congratulations to Max and his team," he said.

Verstappen wins the most exciting World Cup ever

Max Verstappen has been proclaimed Formula 1 world champion after beating Lewis Hamilton in the incredible Abu Dhabi Grand Prix