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Vetoed: Royal family prevents 5 TV scenes from Queen's funeral

Created: 09/24/2022, 09:15 am

Billions of people watched Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. However, some scenes do not seem to suit the royals. They vetoed five passages from future broadcasts.

London – 4.1 billion people were estimated to watch the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II live on TV and streams. Of course, the focus was also on the royals who remained behind; British TV cameras kept zooming in on faces. Nothing can be changed live on certain pictures, but afterwards some TV excerpts are said to have been banned by the royal family.

Royals right to veto TV scenes at Queen’s funeral?

As the “Guardian” now reports, the royal family should have a kind of veto right for the future broadcast of the Queen’s funeral service. There is an agreement with the broadcasters that certain recordings may not be shown again. A “special request” is said to have been made in advance not to disturb the mourning of certain royals.

Collage Queen-Beerdigung: Sarg und Camilla und Charles
The royal family probably didn’t agree with some TV scenes. Which ones are they? © Ben Birchall/PA Wire/dpa and Daniel Leal/Pool AFP/AP/dpa

It is not known which exact scenes are to be banned afterwards. Palace staff noted the timestamps of the footage, which will not be allowed to be shown again for future occasions, and sent it to BBC, ITV News and Sky News channels during the live broadcast, according to the newspaper. As a result, a total of five scenes are said to have been removed.

Focus on Prince George and Princess Charlotte

The funeral ceremony was also attended by Duchess Kate and Prince William’s two oldest children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. They drew a lot of attention. A lipreader revealed in The Sun that on one occasion Charlotte whispered to her brother, “You must bow!”, reminding him of royal protocol. The two whispered again and again, and many tears flowed from Princess Charlotte.

Five film sequences may be banned for future broadcast

The unedited version of the Queen’s funeral can still be seen in the media libraries, and it is said to remain so for a month. The “Guardian” further reports that negotiations are currently still taking place between broadcasters and the royal family, saying it is “unusual”. Media representatives are probably concerned that such a veto could influence reporting. It is viewed with “discomfort”.

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