NewsVictoria of Sweden gives kisses - and causes laughter

Victoria of Sweden gives kisses – and causes laughter

The Swedish crown princess was alone after the rumors of separation – and promptly met a stubborn admirer. He doesn't give up.

Strömsholm – Victoria of Sweden (44) has had a difficult few weeks. Again and again rumors circulated in the media that her marriage to Prince Daniel (44) was over. There was even talk of divorce. To put a stop to it, the couple has denied reports of an alleged split. This seemed to calm the waves at first, but shortly afterwards Prince Daniel caused a sensation when he traveled alone to the USA for a few days. Now Victoria was back in the service of the Swedish crown. She attended the riding school Ridskolan Strömsholm.
There was no trace of Prince Daniel far and wide, knows*

First she listens to the words of the speakers in the stable, who show her everything. Suddenly she makes a hairy acquaintance: as she stands next to a horse that peers curiously out of its box, the steed stretches its head in the direction of the crown princess. It seems as if the brown wants to get in touch with the royal beauty. Understandable, he certainly does not get such an important visitor every day. When the horse's head comes very close, the brunette doesn't flinch or fear. On the contrary. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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