NewsVictoria Swarovski shows what's really behind her travel pictures...

Victoria Swarovski shows what's really behind her travel pictures – "This is real life"

Victoria Swarovski travels a lot even without Let’s Dance. Now she traveled to Berlin – and had to clear up confusion about her travel outfit.

Berlin – Soon the hips will be swinging again! “Let’s Dance” goes into the next round. The candidates for the new season of the RTL * show, which begins on February 18, have all been determined – you can find an overview here. And it is just as certain that Vicotira Swarovski* will lead through the shows again this year together with Daniel Hartwich.

But before Swarovski returns to Cologne once a week on Fridays, there are other job program items on the agenda. Among other things, this now led her to Berlin. Because the 28-year-old got a role as a voice actress in the animated feature film “Sing 2”. Important press interviews were now scheduled in the capital.

Surname: Victoria Swarovski
Birth date: August 16, 1993 (age 28)
Place of birth: Innsbruck (Austria)
Husband: Werner Mürz (married since 2017)
Job: Presenter, actress, singer
Hosted Let’s Dance since: 2018

Victoria Swarovski: “Let’s Dance” star flies to Berlin – confusion about her travel outfit

Of course, the native Austrian had to come to Berlin first. She documented her trip there via Instagram. First there was a picture of the moderator between lots of clothes on the floor, which shows her packing for the trip. The next snapshot followed from the plane in a long coat with red sleeves peeking out. Of course, as currently specified, Swarovski wore an FFP2 mask for the flight. Since you can only see half of the face underneath, she also yelled, “Just so you know, I’m smiling”. The next picture, which also ended up in her story, doesn’t fit into the series at all: Swarovski can be seen there in a provocatively elegant red outfit with a tight top (see the following Instagram post). Is that how she travels on an airplane?

Check out this post on Instagram


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“Let’s Dance” star Victoria Swarovski: Pure elegance on the plane? “No, I travel like this”

That’s probably what some fans thought too, who apparently suspected the elegant style of clothing under the long coat already mentioned in the airplane photo. But that was probably not the case, as Swarovski itself clarifies again via Instagram. There she also shows the “truth” behind her aviator photo.

“And that’s the real life” (German: And that’s real life), she begins her new social media post when she arrives at the hotel. “I’m going down to the lobby now, have a drink, in my jogging outfit,” she clarifies. In the video – and also in our article photo above – you can clearly see her red jogging suit. And since there were probably a lot of messages from confused fans, she mentions the elegance photo again: “That was just so sweet, everyone just asked me: ‘Wow, how are you traveling to Berlin?’ No, not quite. I travel like this”.

She will probably arrive comfortably for the new season of Let’s Dance. After all, Victoria Swarovski always puts on the most elegant clothes for the evening show at the latest. They also attract a lot of attention from the viewers year after year*. (han) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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