FunViral video: a girl with more than 15,000 lice...

Viral video: a girl with more than 15,000 lice in her hair

With the return to school after the summer holidays, one of the main concerns of parents is lice. As the experts indicate, they go more to clean and straight hair, regardless of the length of the mane. They are usually located near the nape and behind the ear. This week, a video shared on the social network TikTok in which a girl residing in the city of Corpus Christi (Texas) appears with more than 15,000 head lice .

Some images that have already been around the world. The little girl went to a center specialized in treatments for the elimination of these bugs. A never-before-seen lice infestation that really makes the hair stand on end . The video already has more than 100 million views.


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How to prevent lice?

There is no 100% foolproof method to avoid infestation with these little critters. However, there are a number of preventive measures that should be taken into account. The first thing is to know that lice are spread through head-to-head contact, although the fact of sharing hats, combs or brushes also favors contagion .

  • Clean hair: experts recommend having clean hair, washing it two or three times a week. The use of a good fabric softener or conditioner is highly recommended as these products make it very difficult for lice to attach to the hair.
  • Styling: styling the hair is effective in detecting lice and nits, and also in removing larvae as the comb’s prongs detach them from the hair. The best combs are those with a fine tooth.
  • Hair inspection: during the school year, the little ones’ hair should be checked thoroughly every two or three days, paying special attention to the never area and the back of the ears. It is important to detect a lice infestation early to avoid cases like the Texas girl.
  • Objects for personal use: and, finally, it is advisable not to share personal objects such as carvings, combs or caps. Lice can knot in them and, in this way, pass onto the hair of another person who wears them.

Health warning: selfies promote the spread of lice

Health issues a very serious warning about selfies, and that is that they favor the spread of lice. We must be very careful!

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