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"Wants to have something of my own": Amira Pocher no longer wants to be just Olli's wife

Created: 10/19/2022 7:02 am

As the wife of Oliver Pocher, Amira became known to the general public. Now the 30-year-old wants to break out of the comedian’s shadow – with humor!

Mayrhofen – Amira Pocher (30) has done the same as her husband Oliver Pocher (44) and has become a fixture in the German entertainment industry in recent years: TV shows, podcasts, social media – the 30-year-old is now almost omnipresent . Nevertheless, she now wants to step out of the shadow of her prominent partner, as she explains herself on Instagram. Or is it all just a big joke?

Is Amira Pocher now breaking away from Olli’s shadow? – “Don’t rest on my husband’s success”

The couple went to Austria on Sunday, where they both took part in the “Gondola Slam 2022” in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. This is a format for “new work culture”, as the website puts it. For 480 minutes, a gondola on the Ahornbahn becomes a live studio; In addition to the Pochers, invited guests included author Lars Amend (44) and actor Samuel Koch (35).

Amira Pocher fährt gemeinsam mit Ehemann Oliver Pocher Auto (Fotomontage)
Amira Pocher wants to build “something of her own”, as comedian Oliver Pocher’s wife reveals in her Instagram story. However, there is apparently a gag behind it, which the 30-year-old explains just a few seconds later (photomontage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Amira Pocher

On the way back from the event, Amira Pocher turned to her Instagram followers in the evening: “Today was a very successful day. And I have to talk to Olli, it’s really something serious and it’s been on my mind for a long time: I just want to have something of my own, something for me. And don’t rest on my husband’s success,” admits the 30-year-old frankly. But stop! Is the fourth-placed “Let’s Dance” from 2022 really serious?

Amira Pocher showed it to everyone – even without her Olli!

For Amira Pocher, marriage with her Olli certainly did not have a negative impact on her career, but the 30-year-old is far from simply being “the wife of …”: The Vox broadcaster now trusts her moderation skills and engaged her in 2021 for “Die Superzwillinge” and since 2022 for the tabloid format “Prominent!”. In their podcast, the Pochers even revealed that Amira should have moderated “Love Island” – but she refused!

Amira and Oliver Pocher pay tribute to the Loriot sketch – she now has a yodel diploma

The resolution follows just seconds later: After her short monologue, Amira Pocher turns to Olli himself, who is sitting next to her and maneuvering the car through the darkness. “Since Loriot we’ve known that there’s only one thing: you need a yodel diploma,” explains Oliver Pocher, referring to a sketch by the cult comedian Vicco von Bülow († 87), who once used the inflationary degrees and awards given by universities and universities corrupted.

At the same time, the Pochers make fun of all those who keep accusing the 30-year-old of only having made it to the top thanks to her husband. The “very own” diploma allows her to “jodel in public,” Amira laughs out loud. She recently found a not at all nice note from her lover: Oliver Pocher noted that he was annoyed by Amira. Sources used:

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