NewsWater problems are threatening Mallorca: "Pre-warning level" proclaimed for...

Water problems are threatening Mallorca: "Pre-warning level" proclaimed for parts of the island

Created: 8/8/2022 5:13 am

It rains far too little on the Balearic Islands. This now has consequences for Mallorca. The second of four drought alert levels has been declared for some areas.

PALMA – The heat continues on the Balearic Islands. Even a dip in the sea promises no cooling. Even the rain stays away. One consequence of the prolonged drought is that the level of the islands’ total drinking water reserves has fallen by four percent to 49 percent in one month. This is reported by the Mallorca Magazine .

Drought in Mallorca: Second of four drought warning levels declared

In view of the tense water situation, the Balearic government has declared the “prealerta”, i.e. the “pre-warning level”, for three areas on Mallorca. These are the Migjorn area in the south of the island, the area around Artà and Capdepera and the east-central plain. Then there is the island of Formentera.

Cúber Stausee auf Mallorca
The Cúber reservoir is an important drinking water reservoir for Mallorca’s capital Palma (photo from August 5, 2022) © Sabine Thielemann/imago

There is a four-level warning scale for drought. It ranges from “Stable”, the lowest level, through “Pre-warning” and “Alarm” to “Emergency”.

Drought in Mallorca: The tourist crowds are a drain on the water reserves

The reason for the current warning are fears by the Balearic Ministry of the Environment that the water reserves could decrease relatively quickly because of the many tourists who are currently on the island. In addition, there are periods of great heat, which also ensure that the water runs out more quickly. The authorities have already appealed to citizens to use drinking water sparingly.

If there is no further rainfall, an intensification is expected. According to Mallorca Magazin , it is already expected that the early warning for the region around Manacor and Felanitx in the east of the island and for the northern part of the Serra de Tramuntana will be decided at the end of August.

Drought on Mallorca: In June it rained far too little

The drinking water supply in Mallorca is based on two reservoirs and groundwater. There are also desalination plants. The lack of rain is currently hard on all Balearic Islands. On average, it rained just 2.1 liters per square meter on the islands in June this year. The average for this summer month in recent years was 12.9 liters.

Already in 2016, the water reserves on Mallorca had fallen sharply because it had hardly rained in winter. The warning level “Alert” was even declared.

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