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We entered the age of Conan

conan2.jpg76 years have passed since the American writerRobert E. Howardcreate the figure ofConan. Today, after countless books, comics and movies, the mythical hero has finally arrived on our computers in the form of a video game.

The presentation ofAge of Conan: Hyborian Adventureswas held atNorwegian mountains of Oslo, next to the famous ski jumping ramp, in a setting worthy of the best Hollywood movies. Between war cries and horse battles, we entered the Viking world eating lamb with our hands and enjoying the soundtrack of the game live, which by the way, deserves a special mention because it would make even the fiercest warrior excited.

Age of Conanit’s aaction role-playing gamethat can be enjoyed alone, but that reaches its most epic levels in themassively multiplayer mode, which means that through their internet connection, users will be able to coexist, fight and cooperate with thousands of players at the same time. The title includes 80 levels of character development, which can be achieved in about 250 hours of play, an extraordinary result that has been achieved after 5 years of work in which more than 300 people have been involved. In addition, the fantastic world of Hyboria in which it takes place is built with spectacular graphics that will take us to mountains, rivers and waterfalls where the bloodiest battles will be fought. This gigantic universe has more than 30 regions distributed in 3 nations. Being a game “of barbarians” it is not surprising that it is cataloged as +18; and it is that beheadings will be the order of the day and blood will literally splash on your computer screen.

It is an innovative game not only for the quality of its video section and the infinity of possibilities it offers, but especially for itscombat system, since unlike other similar massive games, the user will be able to actively control the combat, from choosing what type of weapon to use at all times to what strategies to follow to defeat an enemy. So get ready your weapons and get ready to livethe most realistic “Viking” experienceof your life with friends from all over the world.

Age of Conan: Hyborian AdventuresIt is already on sale for PC DVD in two versions, Standard Edition with a suggested price of 49.95 Euros and Collector’s Edition, at 69? 95 Euros. More information at and

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