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We tested the Lenovo Yoga C940, 2-in-1 laptop and tablet

Mobility and versatility are increasingly important in the world of technology and the main brands know this, so their products are adapted to the demands and wishes of users. Lenovo has introduced a new class of notebook computers , the fruit of collaboration with industry leaders such as Intel® , which claim to be among the thinnest, lightest and most intuitive AI-enabled devices known to date: the Lenovo Yoga C940 .

This high-end laptop offers exclusive smart features capable of adapting to user performance needs such as Super Resolution that improves video quality up to FHD 1080p in Windows Media Player 3 or Q-Control, which has the potential to dynamically increase the battery life of a PC with its Smart Cooling mode (enhanced with AI enabled to monitor the thermal attributes of the device and thus better control its fan). Added to this is Modern Standby , which allows Yoga laptops to perform tasks in the background, such as receiving emails while in sleep mode and instantly waking up like a smartphone.

In Yoga laptops the user will also find new intelligent capabilities through the Amazon Alexa voice service, which is added to the Cortana (Windows) virtual advisor and focuses on improving the way we retrieve information with three new Alexa updates and that They include lock screen support, new smart home visuals, and multilingual support without having to change settings.

The Lenovo Yoga C940, with its 14-inch screen, stands as a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that redefines smart performance and design with its all-metal chassis and new smart built-in features like TrueBlock Privacy shutter, Windows biometric authentication. Hello and the integrated stylus that charges into the notebook itself . The PC’s smart cooling mode and its Function-Q will automatically adjust performance and optimize battery life based on tasks in progress. The maximum duration will be around 17 hours in FHD and, with the screen in UHD, it will be around 10 . The built-in soundbar includes a Dolby Atmos® speaker system and appears perfectly integrated into the design by being incorporated into the hinge that allows the screen to be rotated to Tablet mode.

Among the other smart features included are the IR camera capable of detecting the absence of a person after a few seconds and closing the session or, if a video is being watched, stop the playback and return to the moment in which the user He she left. During video calls, the background can be blurred so that objects or people that may appear flat are not visible.

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