If social entrepreneurs are the future, why do they hardly have any support?

After a meeting with the Ministry of Economy, several civil institutions are optimistic about achieving a legal framework that supports companies whose work has a social impact.

The technocoat is back in fashion

As has happened countless times in the world of technology - just think of virtual reality or augmented reality - it fell victim to high expectations.

Microbes in cow stomachs can break down plastic

A team of Australian researchers has discovered that bacteria in a cow's rumen, one of the four compartments of its stomach, can digest certain types of plastic garbage.

Doing things differently, the opportunity for business

Faced with uncertainty, the first instinct is to avoid all risks, paralyze development plans and anticipate short-term contingencies, considers Víctor Moctezuma.

What limits disruptive innovation?

Disruptive innovation is not easy, but starting by recognizing the factors that limit it is an important step for companies that want to grow in the long term, says Cristian Granados.

Dissemination and social appropriation of innovation, a pending obligation

In the country today we do not see greater economic growth as a result of innovation. We do not see an increase in economic productivity that leads to an increase in wages, says Juan Alberto González.

Promote or take advantage of trends: energy transition

The arrival of innovation is touching all phases of the electrical process: from generation, with new forms of production and storage, to the end user, says Ramón Moreno.

Technology has always been there

The tools have always been there, it is the companies and their leaders that in most cases have not made the most of them, assures Fernanda Zenizo.


Ed Sheeran tested positive for Corona

Pop superstar Ed Sheeran's fifth record is slated for release on October 29th. The singer will not be able to attend some of the previously planned appointments in person due to the corona.

Til Schweiger thinks: Sharp ammunition has no place on the film set

How did the terrible accident on the "Rust" film set come about, in which Alec Baldwin fired fatal shots at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins?

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Cameraman shot dead by actor Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin shot a camerawoman while filming a western in Santa Fe. Who was Halyna Hutchins and what does Baldwin say about it?