EconomyFinancialMercado Pago leads technological innovation that makes life easier

Mercado Pago leads technological innovation that makes life easier

Mercado Libre has earned leadership as an electronic commerce platform in Latin America and has developed tools that consolidate its position.

Given this, Pedro Rivas, general director of Mercado Pago México, —the fintech arm of the company—, affirmed that the entire team of collaborators knows that they belong to the largest technology company in the region.

During his participation in the table “Technology at the service of everything and everyone” in Rivas, he explained that the heart of Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago has always worked under the premise of how to go a step further and free up resources with technology, following the mission of innovating and creating relevant changes in the daily life of each user.

“More than 10,000 engineers work in software development, to have implementations of all kinds; from a transaction that goes from a father to a son, to the technology necessary to manage distribution centers of more than 100,000 square meters, where it is ensured that the packages arrive from one place to another,” he said.

Innovation at the center of everything

In , the way they solve problems is through technology. As a result, the company’s raison d’être is to deliver a social good to its customers, which means creating a benefit in the communities in which they operate.

Therefore, the whole team wonders what is the social value they offer. In this regard, Rivas said that, as an organization, they want to know if they really manage to improve the level of security and convenience for customers.

An example of this occurs when a person receives money (through Mercado Pago), when someone buys an item from home or when a small merchant wants to sell their products to the other side of the country.

For the manager of the technology company, specialized in electronic commerce and digital financial services, the objective of any organization must be to deliver value. They need to know if their solution works in order to expand it and, if not, they need to work together to find new alternatives and replace the old ones.

Pedro Rivas pointed out the following: “It is important to differentiate between what is your core business and what is not. When you are in your field, you have the obligation to generate a simple offer for others; spend time, money and effort. If it is not your specialty, there are usually other companies that will be in charge of providing the solutions”.

In this way, Mercado Libre offers useful and simple products that can be connected with various technological solutions. Likewise, in the leading platform they consider that the culture of companies should be focused on innovation always flourishing.

Click on the following link to view the panel, which took place during the second day of activities of the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022.

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