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Weather expert speaks again of mega heat! Danger of thunderstorms from NRW to Bavaria

Created: 07/27/2022, 6:26 p.m

Sonniges Wetter
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The heat is making Germany difficult, but there is no relief in sight for the time being. The mega summer is also threatening in the coming week. There may also be occasional thunderstorms.

  • Danger of thunderstorms from NRW to Bavaria: On Thursday, July 28th, it’s finally supposed to rain.
  • Heat in Germany continues: Three places stand out in particular.
  • Heat wave from France approaching: Temperatures up to 38 degrees again.
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Update from July 27th, 6:26 p.m .: It will remain hot in Germany on Thursday, July 28th. In the northern half it is a bit cooler at 20 to 25 degrees, otherwise 25 to 30 degrees are forecast. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), it will initially remain dry across the country. In the afternoon and evening there will be thunderstorms in and around the Alps and in the southern foreland. In the southern half, a weak wind blows from the northeast, otherwise from different directions.

In the night to Friday it will be partially cloudy in the north-east, otherwise cloudy or heavily cloudy. From North Rhine-Westphalia to Bavaria there will be showers or shower-like heavy rain, initially also isolated thunderstorms.

Weather expert speaks again of mega heat! Three places stand out in particular

First report from July 26, 2022:

Offenbach – The summer has already got off to a good start, especially in the past week the heat has scratched the 40-degree mark in many places in Germany or even exceeded it. However, the great heat relaxation is a long time coming, in the next 14 days the summer should even go full throttle again. There is still no sign of rain. The heat is already causing forest fires in Germany, and the current situation in Brandenburg is acutely dangerous.

Weather expert speaks again of mega heat! Three places stand out in particular

On Monday (July 25, 2022) the heat was evident in many places in Germany. Regional showers and thunderstorms cooled down in the evening, but compared to the severe drought, that was probably just a drop in the bucket. And the next 14 days shouldn’t get any wetter either, as meteorologist Dominik Jung, managing director of the weather service Q.met, reports to the weather portal . According to this, the rain target in Germany is only 36 percent fulfilled. “The month will thus be one of the driest July months since weather records began. It is particularly dry in Saarland. Only 6.2 percent of the rain target was met there, followed by Rhineland-Palatinate in second place among the driest federal states with only 11 percent of the rain target fulfilled, a really low value,” says Dominik Jung.

As the weather expert further reports, three places in Germany stand out in particular: “Weather station Nohfelden in Saarland has not measured a drop of rain in July, in Wittlich in Rhineland-Palatinate only 0.4 liters of rain per square meter fell, in Trier it had only been 0.7 liters of rain. These are currently the three driest places in July in Germany”.

Weather in Germany: Heat wave from France approaching

Accordingly, the summer of 2022 could even be one of the warmest and, above all, driest since weather records began. Rivers are also affected by the heat, for example the Rhine already has low water. The risk of forest fires also remains high. Emergency services in Brandenburg are fighting the flames, and forest fires are also blazing on the border with the Czech Republic. As Dominik Jung further reports, it should remain hot in Germany in the coming week, and the next big heat should roll in from France. “A high on the Atlantic blocks all rain lows and a low near Spain repeatedly pumps the hot air masses to Germany. It is currently not foreseeable when this manifested weather situation will change. Temperatures of up to 38 degrees could then threaten for Germany again.

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