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Weather forecast for autumn: There is a risk of violent storms from October

Created: 8/31/2022, 8:41 p.m

The autumn months bring a wild weather mix for Germany. Especially the extreme temperature differences in Europe bring strong storms into the country.

In the past few weeks, the drought summer of 2022 has weighed heavily on Baden-Württemberg and all of Germany, as has already reported. Due to the lack of rain, numerous meadows, forests and fields have dried up. And now autumn is bringing a wild mix of weather to the country. Heavy storms also threaten.

The first forecasts show a change in weather with more rain as early as September. But there are other voices among the weather experts. The American NOAA model sees warm days in Germany for the first few weeks of September. It could be a very mild Indian summer. However, the meteorologists at see autumn storms as early as October.

Weather forecast for autumn 2022: temperatures in September too high

A look at autumn 2021 shows that the summer temperatures continued to determine the weather for a long time in September. According to , even October was still much too warm. According to the forecasts, this should not be the case in 2022.

Here the experts see a change in the weather conditions and temperatures. The amounts of precipitation therefore reach a normal value for the season from mid-September and in October. The extreme temperature differences across Europe are also noticeable. The risk of strong autumn storms then increases enormously.

Autumn storms 2022: This is the forecast

In warm October 2021, only the storm “Hendrick II” caused massive damage in the autumn. For autumn 2022, Germany is threatened with significantly more days with strong winds. The portal sees a significantly higher probability of massive autumn storms.

The reason for this is the expected general weather conditions. In northern Europe, large areas of land cool down in autumn as the position of the sun continues to decrease, and the warm air lasts much longer over southern Europe. Strong lows like “Melissa” or even storm lows can form. How strong the expected autumn storms of 2022 will be cannot be said at this point in time.

Heavy autumn storms: HERWART and XAVIER swept across the country in 2017

The autumn storms in 2017 were particularly violent, as writes. At that time, storms Herwart and Xavier swept across Germany in October 2017 and caused enormous damage. Brandenburg in particular was hit hard by Xavier on October 5, 2017. Five people died. Storm Herwart followed on October 29, 2017. Two more people died.

But as early as September 2017, hurricane Sebastian caused autumn chaos with fatal consequences. In Hamburg, a man was killed by scaffolding and another man was fatally hit by a tree in the Hochsauerland district. And in 2021, storm depression Hendrik II raged and caused traffic chaos and damage. Several people were injured and one man died.

Autumn storms and fog: typical features of the season between summer and winter

According to weather experts, there are some typical features of autumn. According to the report, these are:

  • Average temperature (based on the average from 1961 to 1990): 8.8 degrees
  • Average total precipitation: 183 liters per square meter
  • Average sunshine duration: 311 hours per month
  • Meteorological beginning of autumn on September 1, 2022
  • Calendar beginning of autumn or equinox on September 23, 2022
  • Indian summer in September and golden October
  • Fog is a constant companion in autumn
  • Winter tires from October
  • Danger of violent autumn storms

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