NewsWeather front is heading for Bavaria: DWD is already...

Weather front is heading for Bavaria: DWD is already issuing warnings – Munich is also affected

The weather could soon become much more turbulent – not only in the mountains of Bavaria. The current prognosis.

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Update from January 28, 3:38 p.m .: The weather in Munich does not exactly invite you to stay outside. It is windy and there is frequent precipitation. The temperatures are just above zero degrees. The German Weather Service has maintained its warnings for the south of Bavaria, where stormy gusts of up to 105 km/h are possible at higher altitudes.

Weather in Bavaria: Several warnings issued – also for Munich

In addition, there is a warning of frost, also in Munich. Ice and snowfall, especially south of the state capital, should also be considered.

Der Deutsche Wetterdienst hat mehrere Warnungen für weite Teile Bayerns herausgegeben.


The German Weather Service has issued several warnings for large parts of Bavaria.

Update from January 28, 10:01 a.m .: The police report numerous slippery accidents on the A8 near Chiemsee. There are still obstructions because dozens of vehicles lost control and broke down in the early hours of the morning. In addition, early weekend excursionists should be careful: At the edge of the Alps, there are gusts of wind with wind speeds of up to 105 km/h above 1500 meters. The warning is in effect until 9 p.m.

Update from January 28, 7:15 a.m .: The German weather service warns on Friday until the morning of light frost in some areas, in places smoothness due to some snow or freezing wet. Black ice due to freezing rain or drizzle is also possible locally. In addition to the amounts that have already fallen, there will be 1 to 5 cm of fresh snow at higher altitudes in the Bavarian Forest and in the Alps by noon today, and up to 10 cm of fresh snow again by the evening on the eastern edge of the Alps above 800 m.

Until the afternoon, local gusts of around 50 km/h from west to north-west with a focus on eastern Bavaria. In the ridges of the low mountain ranges, there will be occasionally stormy gusts of up to 70 km/h until Saturday morning. In the higher Bavarian Forest until Friday noon, in the higher parts of the Alps until the evening, occasional gusts of wind or heavy gusts of wind between 75 and 100 km/h. The temperatures on Friday are between plus 3 degrees in Franconia and minus 5 degrees in the Alps.

Update from January 27, 10:33 p.m .: It’s getting really uncomfortable in Bavaria. At the moment, the DWD is warning of black ice caused by freezing rain or drizzle for Munich and all of Bavaria. The warning lasts until the morning hours of Friday. Then gusts of wind, snow and slippery roads threaten.

Update from January 27, 12:54 p.m .: Stormy days are imminent: The German Weather Service has tightened its warning for the Free State. The entire southernmost part of Bavaria is now marked in orange, which symbolizes an increased warning. The weather service writes: “There are heavy gusts of wind above 1500 m at speeds between 85 km/h and 95 km/h from the north-west. In exposed locations, hurricane-force gusts of up to 105 km/h must be expected.”

Weather: Hurricane gusts! DWD names specific dangers

There are also warnings of the same kind in the far east of the Free State. The warnings apply up to and including Friday 28 January at 9pm. But an end to the stormy weather is not in sight – weather services are expecting a storm by the middle of next week.

Der Deutsche Wetterdienst warnt vor orkanartigen Böen in Teilen Bayerns.


The German Weather Service warns of hurricane-force gusts in parts of Bavaria.

First report from January 27, 2022

Munich – Rain, snow and violent gusts of wind – towards the weekend, people in Bavaria have to be prepared for unstable weather in many places. Responsible for this is a change of cold and warm air masses in the Free State, said the meteorologist at the German Weather Service (DWD), Gerhard Müller.

Weather news for Bavaria: Cold front is coming – and milder air shortly afterwards

On Saturday evening there could be gusts of wind even in valleys, and severe gusts of wind are also possible at higher altitudes. In addition, there is always precipitation in the form of snow or rain. According to DWD information, the first cold front is expected to move from the north into the Free State on Thursday evening and usually bring sleet or snow on Friday night. Then up to 10 centimeters of fresh snow are possible in some areas, and up to 20 centimeters in isolated areas in the Alps.

On Saturday, however, milder air should flow to Munich and the Free State again – and bring “some precipitation”, said DWD meteorologist Müller. The snow line is then expected to rise to up to 1500 meters, the temperatures to 3 to 8 degrees.

Next weather change in the night on Sunday: the situation in Bavaria remains turbulent

In the night to Sunday, the DWD expects another cold front. Above 800 to 1000 meters and especially in eastern Bavaria, snowfall is possible again

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