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Weather in Germany: Heat summer continues! Expert with a concrete prognosis

Created: 8/12/2022 4:46 am

Summer brings high temperatures and dry soil. Those hoping for precipitation will unfortunately be bitterly disappointed. The dry weather will continue for a while.

Munich/Wiesbaden – Anyone who is out and about now sweats. But you also notice the dry lawns, shrubs and flowers. The summer of 2022 is apparently even the driest summer since 1881, as weather expert Dominik Jung says. Anyone hoping for precipitation in the next few days will be disappointed. Temperatures will stay high and there will be no rain until at least Monday.

Drought and heat in Germany: no rain expected

The high-pressure system Oscar lies over Germany and will be with us for a while. Temperatures are expected to remain high until Monday, and no rain is expected. It will get hotter over the next few days. It stays sunny and the temperatures climb well above the 30 degree mark. Temperatures will range between 25 and 34 degrees through the weekend. From Friday it will be warmer again, with maximum temperatures of 37 degrees on Saturday and 36 degrees on Sunday.

Das Wetter bleibt in dieser Woche heiß und trocken. Die Temperaturen erreichen Höchstwerte von bis zu 38 Grad. Es wird kein Niederschlag erwartet.
It will remain dry and hot for the next few days. The temperatures reach up to 38 degrees at the weekend (symbol image). © Christian Ohde/IMAGO

The maximum values will drop from Monday, but 34 degrees can still be reached. It will remain sunny and dry. A few showers and thunderstorms are only possible from Tuesday. “Friday’s high-altitude low has been cancelled, instead there could be some rain from Monday or Tuesday next week at the earliest. But as always with precipitation, this is also to be regarded as uncertain so far in advance,” explained qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung.

Danger of forest fires due to extreme drought – no all-clear

The drought is now affecting all of Germany. Only the extreme north has been spared from the drought. In large parts of the country, especially in the east but also in the south, it is dramatically dry. Meanwhile, the risk of forest fires has reached the second highest warning level or even the highest in many parts. This is also the case in NRW, where more and more regions are being assigned a higher warning level. “The current forecasts of the European weather model even predict a rather dry September,” says Jung. The rain is urgently needed. Compared to the summer of 2021, we have only had a third of the rainfall so far.

Meanwhile, the risk of forest fires continues to rise. Caution is required, because sources of danger such as cigarettes are an extremely high risk. Open fires are to be avoided anyway. The fire brigade only had to arrive in a suburb of Potsdam on Tuesday. A campfire was not properly extinguished and spread.

“It is currently not clear what will happen next week. The US weather model expects plenty of rain in the east and south over the course of the next weather week. But after that we put a question mark, because things are still very uncertain,” says weather expert Jung. Around 300 to 400 liters of rain would be needed to at least reduce the rain deficit a little. This summer, just 100 liters of rain per square meter fell across Germany. The situation remains tense. (vk)

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