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Weather in NRW: Up to 50 centimeters of fresh snow expected – in these regions

In North Rhine-Westphalia, it should snow heavily in several regions over the weekend. According to the German Weather Service, up to 50 centimeters of snow are expected.

Cologne – At Christmas in most parts of North Rhine-Westphalia * there was no snow again. In the coming days, however, some winter sports fans can look forward to white landscapes. Sometimes there should be up to 50 centimeters of fresh snow in NRW. That explains the German Weather Service (DWD).
24RHEIN * reveals where there will be a lot of snow in NRW.

The DWD also draws attention to the risk of slipperiness and frost. This can lead to traffic obstructions, especially at higher altitudes. Ski vacationers should therefore not arrive too late and take the difficult road conditions into account. * 24RHEIN is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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