NewsWeather: Snowfall in Germany from Friday

Weather: Snowfall in Germany from Friday

The weather in Germany could bring the first snow to the lowlands by the weekend. But the white splendor will not last long.

Stuttgart – For the first weekend in Advent, the forecasts predict an onset of winter. As early as Friday (November 26th), snow is expected to fall deep in some parts of Germany. At higher altitudes, the flakes also stay there, reveals graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung.

BW24 * knows where to expect 20 centimeters or more of snow.

According to the weather expert, the snowfall should continue in the night on Saturday (November 27th) as well as in the rest of the day on Sunday (November 28th). Sledging is then also possible in some regions of Germany. * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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