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Weinheim: Knife attack among young people filmed – police are looking for witnesses

Created: 07/23/2022, 04:45 am

Weinheim – Two youth groups attack each other, there are insults and blows. Police are looking for witnesses to the video showing one of the incidents.

At the beginning of July, two youth groups in the Weinheim area of Baden-Württemberg clashed, first verbally, then there was a fight. The next day, a similar incident occurred on Hauptstrasse, apparently between the same groups, according to a press release from the Mannheim police headquarters. There are videos online of the incident. The police are now asking witnesses who can be seen in the video for help.

Weinheim: fight between young people – two incidents within two days

At the very beginning of the video, one of the boys even appears to be holding a jackknife: a metallic click can be heard and the blade flashes very briefly. The youngster pursues another who avoids him, repeatedly demanding: “Excuse yourself”. Finally he gets physical: he slaps the other in the face with his flat hand, keeps looking into the camera, knowing full well that he is being filmed.

The video shows one of the incidents that took place on July 8th on Grundelbachstrasse or on July 9th on Hauptstrasse in Weinheim. On July 8, around 1 p.m., there was a verbal argument between two young people. The 15-year-old suspect, who has since been identified, approaches a 12-year-old during the argument and hits him in the face with the flat of his hand.

Weinheim: Verbal arguments between young people become a fight

As if that weren’t enough, the suspect wrestles the other man to the ground and hits his back several times with his fist. The act was observed and filmed by passers-by. According to the police press release, several people in the video have already been identified.

The incident on July 9 is similar: the 12-year-old, who was already involved in the argument the day before, and a 13-year-old attack two other young people (12 and 13). The two suspects make threats, then insult the other two and hit them. In the meantime, the mayor of Weinheim has commented on the knife attack between the young people.

Weinheim: Streit zwischen Jugendlichen eskaliert zu Prügelei
Weinheim: A youth insults another, then becomes violent © Screenshot: twitter/ AnMike96/ Montage Headline24

Weinheim: fight between young people – police ask witnesses to report

The Weinheim police station has started the investigation. Investigations were initiated against the suspects for, among other things, dangerous bodily harm, coercion, insult and threats. In videos made of the events, there are female witnesses who have not yet been identified.

These and other witnesses as well as the people filming should contact the Weinheim police on 06201/1003-0. The police are aware of the video excerpts that are increasingly appearing and being shared on social networks and are part of the investigations in the present proceedings. (pol/resa)

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