News"Wetten, dass ..?" With Thomas Gottschalk wins the odds...

"Wetten, dass ..?" With Thomas Gottschalk wins the odds – ZDF is thinking about a continuation

The re-edition of the cult show “Wetten, dass ..?” Impressed with a market share of almost 50 percent. Now the ZDF is thinking about a continuation of the show.

Nuremberg – 13.8 million people saw the classic show “Wetten, dass ..?” Last Saturday (November 6th, 2021). For the 40th anniversary of the show, a one-time re-run of the cult show was planned. However, in view of the great success, ZDF * is now considering a sequel. “We are very happy about the great success of the anniversary edition. A sequel was never actually planned. In view of the great response, we will certainly think about it again, ”said ZDF program director Norbert Himmler of the dpa news agency after the broadcast.

Ten years after Thomas Gottschalk announced his retirement from the show, he asked prominent guests to sit on his couch for the last time for the anniversary. Among his guests were Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson from ABBA, Helene Fischer and Udo Lindenberg. Just like in the old days, co-presenter Michelle Hunziker was at his side this time. The audience was apparently very interested in the new edition of “Wetten, dass ..?” *, The show had a market share of 45.7 percent. Almost 14 million people tuned in to the show. For comparison: In the last edition of “Wetten, dass ..?” With Markus Lanz * on December 13, 2014, 9.27 million fans tuned in.

“Wetten, dass ..?” – Reissue: Helene Fischer, Zoe Wees and Abba were there

Among the guests was the German newcomer Zoe Wees, who performed her song “Girls Like US”. Germany’s pop star Helene Fischer made an appearance with a title from her new album. Rock legend Udo Lindenberg celebrated TV premiere with his song “Kompass”. This time the outside bet was moderated by Giovanni Zarrella.

The first “Wetten, dass ..?” Program was broadcast around 40 years ago. At that time, Frank Elstner moderated the show until Thomas Gottschalk took over the format in 1987. Until 2011, he was the show’s figurehead. Markus Lanz then finally took over from him. However, the show flopped and was canceled in 2014. (Ares Abasi) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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