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What does that look like …? TV star is hardly recognizable with a 90s photo

A photo from the 90s makes some of his followers wonder: “Is that you?” Others can only smile at the old photo of a reality TV star.

Munich – He was a favorite in the first “Big Brother” season, is a singer on Mallorca, a presenter and has always been a real star on reality TV. “It’s the year 2022,” he wrote about a picture on Instagram *, “But sometimes I wish the 90s back …!” He also posted a photo from bygone times and made his Instagram fans wonder and laugh . A purple shirt, a mullet and a stare into the camera: would you have recognized the TV star straight away?

“You looked even worse than you did today?” – 90s photo causes amazement and laughter

In any case, he should be recognizable at second glance at the latest: Jürgen Milski. In the description of his post, he told his Instagram followers that he would like to see the 90s back “not just because of the cool hairstyles or the comfortable pants that we wore back then”. Finally, he sent his fans New Year’s greetings and added in capital letters: “May this madness soon come to an end!” With this sentence, Milski is probably referring to the coronavirus * pandemic.

Most of his followers don’t care about the attached wishes. His style attracts full attention. Moderator Mona Buruncuk commented on the photo with the hashtag * # duhastdiehaareschön. Art and antiques dealer Paco Steinbeck was kidding Jürgen Milski, who had been diagnosed with a tumor * in 2021, and wrote with laughing emojis: “How now? Did you look even worse than you did today? “

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Instagram user unsure of a photo of Jürgen Milski: “Is that you?”

The posting was also well received by his fans and followers. “I’m going to get away,” wrote an Instagram user. A fan asked a question with a laughing emoji: “Wasn’t that more like the 80s?” However, some seem not quite so sure whether the man in the photo is really Jürgen Milski. “Is that you?” Asked a follower. Another wrote: “What, is that you? I would not have recognized it. “

Many Instagram users almost did not recognize another star in a child’s photo. She is one of the most successful singers in the world. (mbr) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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